Review of Medium Kikki K Time Planner in Lilac

So I recently received a gift from Australia, as a birthday present, it’s a Kikki K planner. I am fairly new to the planner world, even though my entire student life I have always used a planner.

In the past, my planners were very simple but I never really found a system that would allow me to adapt to the changes in routine, schedules or add fun things to it. I love having the option to add or remove pages and other planner inserts to binders with rings, like filofax, Kikki K and many others out there.

These are my favorite things about the Kikki K planner and the not so favorite things about it as well, maybe these will help you consider or re-consider your choice or will also help you learn more about this planner.

Top 8 favorite things about the Kikki K, medium, lilac planner:

  1.  The color and decoration are gorgeous. The color is lilac but it has small silver diamond shapes on it.
  2. The elastic band. Contrary to having a snap, this planner comes with an elastic band that lets you add as many pages as you wish without the fear to have it snap every time. If you like to stuff your planners with different inserts, this planner is a great option.
  3. The pockets, the planner has various pockets on the cover and another opening in the back so you can add a notepad if you want to.
  4. The color of the dividers, even though I actually like adding my own dividers, this planner comes with its own ones in a beautiful peach-pink color
  5. The design, it is firm yet supple and lies flat so you don’t have to struggle with it each time you use it but it won’t fall apart after many years of using it
  6. The perfect planner for females who love girly planners, yet this one is stylish and fun to use
  7. The size, it’s a standard equivalent to a personal in Filofax, although Kikki K calls it “medium”, you also find it in large or A5

It’s simply beautiful

My not so favorite things?

  1. The inserts are a little average, it has the typical “dates to remember”, shops and restaurants and other things that not many of all necessarily use, which means that I will probably end up changing most of the inserts.
  2. There is no Kikki K in the US or anywhere else in American continent.

For the most part I think it is a beautiful planner with infinite options to make it your own


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