Yes, please? or No, thanks? – Papermate Flairs under the Microscope

The Papermate Flair pens are one of the most popular out there in the planner and journaling communities. Here, I give you a few points as to why, yes I like those pens or no, thanks I am fine without them.

Yes, please!

1. They write smooth, bold and clear

2. You can buy a package of 16 of them in various colors for less than $20, I bought mine for $14 when they were on sale at Staples.

3. Felt tip which makes words show more bold and every color looks vibrant, excellent for bullet journaling, lists or color coding

4. Many, many colors. Whether you color code or simply love adding some color to your planner, these pens are wonderful for either option.

5. They don’t bleed, they are smooth but without the bleeding or staining. They dry fast and are permanent, they don’t fade and the ink doesn’t run on the paper.

6. They are not as thin as sharpie pens but if you write big, these pens can be found in medium or ultra thin.

                                                              Image from

No, thanks, because…

1. They shadow on thin paper. Although these pens are great and are one of my favorite pens for journaling and planning, they do leave a shadow on the back of my planners. Even on planners such as the Plum Paper Planner that has a think paper

2. They tend to dry out faster than sharpie pens for example, but it takes a while before this actually happens. If you write a lot with them, like I do, or use them a lot for your planning and journaling and are not careful with them, they will dry out faster than other pens like sharpies.

3. I really don’t have many negative comments about these pens!

You can buy them at Staples, Office Depot, and many other stores.

E M Jorden


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