FIVE ways to use life journal cards for planners

I am not a scrap-booker or have ever used these life journal cards for life journaling, but I LOVE using the cards for different things, for example:

1. For lists, I write down my shopping lists or any other kind of To Do things on these cards and then I take them with me. I usually use the inexpensive cards for this purpose. It just keeps you going because it adds color to your planner.
2. To write down quotes or inspiration phrases. I am a big quote person and sometimes I want to remember certain things so I write them down on these cards, it works!
3. To write things things that I MUST remember on a particular day, it could be something I need to do or something I need to write about or keep in mind. Because these cards are usually beautiful, it is an easy way to keep going and get things done!
4. To add color to my planner when I don’t decorate it much, I love decorating my planner or adding some color to it, even if it’s only a few stripes of washi-tape. These cards, if inserted to your planner by punching holes to it, or by sticking it to your planner pagers with washi-tape are a great way to add some space to your planner and add some color as well..
5. As page markers, because the cards are usually made out of card stock, they are an easy way to mark pages or mark the page of your current day. You can either leave the card as is, just inserted into your planner or punch holes on it to add it to your planner with rings. You can also use the cards as book markers. 

This is an easy fun way to add color and style to your planner because you can change these cards as often as you wish. You can also re-use the cards if you have not written on them to continue using them in the future. 

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