The ultimate review on the Plum Paper Planner: The Family planner

Back in late January or early February, I saw someone in You Tube talking about their planner and how, now that she is a new mom, it had helped her keep track of her tasks and everything in between because she had customized her planner by allocating one special section to each one of her family members and other things like blog, home management, etc. As I have mentioned before, I have always had a planner with me since I was in high school and when I heard this You Tube “guru” talking about her planner and how useful it as, I instantly went to check it out. It was the Plum Paper Planner or PPP as many of us call it.

This planner has changed my life for the past few months and I will tell you why. Even though they have a website ( the planner is sold through an Etsy shop and that’s where you also order. At first, the ordering process was a little confusing to me, someone back then new to this entire planner thing, but once you understand how it goes, it’s very easy. First, you have to choose your cover, this is – for many of us – just as important as choosing your layout. The cover though, is not as hard and sturdy as the Erin Condren cover for example. Now, I have never owned an Erin Condren or EC because this planner simply doesn’t appeal to me. I know many many many ladies out there in the planning community, or even newcomers, absolutely looooooove this planner but I don’t think this is something I’d like simply because I don’t like the layout. I don’t have to buy it to know that I would never divide my days into “morning” “day” and “night” or whatever the names are, I don’t function that way. So I chose the PPP (Plum Paper Planner). They have so many covers to choose from, and so many of them are very very pretty. There is only one comment I have about the entire planner and it is about the cover; this one has a sheet of cardboard paper, printed with the design of your selection and on top it has a frosted white sheet of plastic, which is good enough if you leave your planner at home (like I do) but I can’t imagine having a cover like that and not ruining it after a few months of wear. This said, the covers are beautiful but they could be a lot stronger.

The thing with the cover is that you can customize it by adding your name on it. They will print your name and last name on it or a short phrase that you want to have. I don’t know why but there is something fabulous about having a planner with your name printed on the cover. I am just sayin’…

Once you select your cover you can then choose your layout, they have many different ones, one for teachers or students which are divided into different sections where you can add the name for each section yourself, a horizontal layout, a vertical layout divided into slots of time, a three section layout similar to the Erin Condren one, a family planner (which is the one I chose), a meal planner, a wedding planner and a fitness planner. I won’t get into the details of describing each kind of planners but you can go ahead and check out their site for more information. I will just give you a very detail overview of the family planner at the end of this post.

The different layouts vary in such a way that you can select how you actually organize your day to day life. Many of us like a horizontal layout, but also many of us like the vertical layout, some prefer having their days divided into time slots but some other ones prefer having one specific section assigned to a different area in our lives, some of us would want to have a planner only for planning our wedding and so forth. The beauty of PPP is that on top of selecting your cover, adding your name on it and your layout you can add different sections depending on your life style and how you manage it. For example, you can add a home management add on, a blog add on, a baby add on, a finances add on and so on. The style of each add on varies in such a way that  you will have a number of pages in a style that will make it easier for you to keep track of different things. For example the home management section has a tasks subsection, a bills subsection, a things to remember, contacts and so on.

The planner also has a thick card stock folder in the back for any “keeps” or files or papers that you want to have with you.

In my case, I chose the family planner because as a new mom all of a sudden I find myself being swamped into having to organize and remember many things that happen in my household (even though my husband would disagree) so I went ahead and bought the family planner. Before you can buy your family planner you can select 6 words that will be printed on each row throughout the daily pages of your planner. This planner has a week in two pages format, meaning that you will have an overview of your entire week divided into two pages of the planner. I chose my seven words with the names of my family members, my beautiful dog, meals and a section for inspiration where I write all kinds of things and bits and books and what not that I see around that I want to remember so I can later on, create something with it or just learn from it.

I absolutely love my family planner and it has changed my life because I can now compartmentalize my life into different boxes and write things pertaining to each one of those sections in that column and row. This allows me to make a division between all things that are happening and know exactly who is doing what, when and at what time and so forth. This is like a master control where I have an overview of my month, week at a glance and day to day for each one of my family members. I am able to remember things easier, pay our bills or know which bill is coming up, have all my contacts in one single place and also have a calendar of things pertaining my family.

Now, this planner is only for my family matters, I do not include work issues here or my personal projects because I want to have one place where I know I will find everything related to my household. I have another planner, my beautiful moleskin, for my work issues and one more place where I register my bills and other things that I will talk about later on.

If you are interested in buying the Plum Paper Planner, this is a summarized review with pros and cons of this particular planner, and I hope this will be very useful to you in case you are thinking of investing in one of the expensive planners out there.

                                                                                         * Picture taken from Plum Paper Planner on Etsy

Something I forgot to mention before, which is also very important, is that with this planner you can choose the month in which you want your planner to start. Mine starts in March because I bought my planner in early February and I was afraid it would take too long before I got it and I would miss a few weeks so I decided to have it start in February, it is a 12 month planner (from Feb to Feb) but you can also choose to have 18 months in it. Obviously, the more pages you add the heavier and thicker your planner will be.

At a glance:
– The PPP costs $35 dollars as is: With a week on two pages, notes sections, some contacts, your name printed on it and a nice plastic cover on it.
– Each on ranges between $2 and $5, the more add ons you have the more expensive your planner will be
– You get the thicker coil when you add 20 extra pages to your basic planner, this means, if you have two add ons in your planner, you will get the thicker coil.
– The paper is fabulous, soft and beautiful!
– You can customize it entirely which makes it a very attractive planner for us who want very specific things in our planners.

– The paper is beautiful and thick
– Customization in many ways
– The variety of the covers is much more diverse than many planners out there
– The price, $35 is a lot cheaper than an EC or a Kikki-K but the more add ons you include the higher the price, of course.

– The cover is a little fragile and thin, if you carry your planner in your bag, backpack or have it with you all the time, the cover won’t last too long. Even for someone like me who leaves her planner at home, the cover will probably show signs of some wear and tear. I do wished it had a thicker, laminated, sturdy cover!
– The colors of each month are not as fun as other planners I have seen, the colors assigned to each month repeat after a while and that becomes a bit boring, specially for someone who is into colorful things like I am.

PPP has done a great job at being competitive for its counterpart Erin Condren and other planner companies out there, this is by far one of my favorite planners even after using filofax, Kikki.K, moleskine and Franklin Covey. I love my PPP and I swear by its fabulousness! If you are thinking of buying an EC but don’t want to risk that much because you are not sure if they layout will work for you, go for a PPP and fall in love like many of us did!

If you want to learn more about PPP you can watch the thousands of You Tube videos out there, you can also check out the Plum Paper Central Facebook group and of course, Facebook, instagram and Pinterest.

This planner is simply fab and I recommend it!



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