Say that again… an "UNICORN" planner?

I have recently learned the term “an unicorn planner” when some women in the planner community talked about certain planners that they love. At first, I was confused about what exactly they meant to say, but later on I found out that I too have a “unicorn”. It turns out that a “unicorn planner” is a planner that you absolutely love, want to have, dream of, imagine with you, drool over and really, really want to add to your collection regardless of the price or cost. I guess, they started calling them “unicorns” because these objects are just like unicorns, the mystical creatures that don’t exist but everyone would love to see, magical and beautiful… wait… that doesn’t make sense!

This said…

Let me tell you, I learned that I too have a “unicorn planner” after seeing some of the videos of Strange and Charmed also known as Miss Trench Coat who was talking about the 43 folder system and showed, how she has this system set up in her A4 pink Fluoro original filofax. Saying that it was love at first sight is an under statement. I have been  thinking of this particular planner on and off for a few months now. I recently saw this planner in a local US shop but I resisted the temptation to buy it because I have spent too much money on planner things lately. It is true, I have spent too much money but also I would find it hard to justify why I would be spending over $100 on a planner when I already have other ones sitting on my desk. The truth is that, I am like many women out there who have more than a few pairs of shoes, I have more than one planner and I am okay with it. Yes it is superfluous to some, but then again, I don’t buy shoes by the tens, I buy planners and binders and stationery.

This beautiful, amazing fluorecent pink filofax has had me thinking over and over whether I should order it or not. Then again, this planner is not sold in the US anymore because it was discontinued, it is only sold in the UK, which means that I would have to incur in major shipping costs if I decided to get it. Today, I started thinking of getting this planner again because I saw so many beautiful pictures out there, and with this awful winter being so hard on us in New England I need either some sunshine or this beautiful binder and at this point, I am thinking that it might be easier to buy this filofax than hoping we will have nice weather any time soon.

It is spring and it sucks, no sunshine and it is still very cold, I spend my time indoors and working on my planners and other decorating DYIs projects when my son sleeps. After cleaning my house, making dinner, doing laundry, working full time and taking care of husband, I still have 30 min at most to work on my planners before exhaustion takes over. Having nice planners is essential to many of us in the planning community and usually, we buy planner because we love them, we love how they look and we simply enjoy having these somewhat superfluous objects laying on our desks or being in our bags to carry around.

I have a “unicorn” that really, it would not be that hard to get if I decided to go crazy and spend over $100 on it, the thing is, I could buy it but what stops me is the thought of whether I can justify it and whether I would have a good explanation as to why I bought this planner when my husband asks what happened to those $100 spent in a British shop?

The reality is that, I don’t need another planner, but I would love to have it in my collection, and it is not like my collection is so big but at this point, I do have a few planners which I absolutely love and I would say it is more an eclectic mix and match of different things that I decided to get for different reasons, all of them decorated and enhanced just because I love it and just because these 30 minutes that I dedicate a few nights per week to sitting down and spending some time on my own, are probably the only few minutes to myself that I get all day, as a full time working woman, mother, wife, activist and what not, I think I have the right to think of  *** UNICORN*** planners just because things like these are what allow me to remain inspired, motivated, smiling, happy and sane to continue meeting the demands of  this complicated life of working moms.


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