To domino or not to domino

I recently, or more like two months ago, bought my first filofax organizer. It was a Patent Domino in hot pink. I bought it because I read that the rings were bigger and that, because of the format, you could really stuff it without having issues with it not closing – because it has an elastic band instead of a snap closure.

I love this planner even though I have not been able to use it much. For now, I am mostly using my personal size planners because they are very easy to carry and because I don’t want to get too much attention at work by carrying around that A5, shinny, patent beauty.

This particular organizer has become very popular lately, I think because of different reasons one of them being the fact that this organizer is inexpensive, it comes in a few trendy colors, which are very popular right now, and also because it’s very versatile and easy to use. Many planner ladies have refer to it as the planner that they can take with them everywhere without having to worry too much about scratches.

It is true that it is a planner that you can use in many ways because you can stuff it to its maximum capacity without worrying too much about the weight, since its very light, the closure and the ring size.

This planner in a way, reminds me so much of the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, because of the elastic band around it and because of the format of having a flexible cover.

If you are thinking of buying this particular organizer, whether as your first Filofax organizer or not, read below a few characteristics that I think make it very attractive:

1. The price, it costs $39.98 USD which makes it one of the cheapest organizers that filofax makes.
2. The material is light weight, flexible and durable. It is made out of a vinyl material, it is not heavy at all, compared to a leather organizer which becomes heavier as you stuff it.
3. Trendy colors, I love my hot pink so the choice was straight forward
4. The size of the rings, you can add, and add, and add inserts to it without having the problem of not closing later on.
5. It comes in an A5 and a personal size, so you can always choose depending on whether you are an larger or smaller planner person.


1. This planner sticks to surfaces, specially tables made out of glass, wood with a finish on it, marble or stone counter tops or desks that have varnish on them. Because of the material, this planner gets stuck to surfaces. This is not such a big deal to some of us, except if you like moving things around while you plan or if you use several notebooks or planners simultaneously and need to be displacing your Domino planner.

This is my take on this Domino organizer by Filofax and if this would be your first planner, you’d be making a great choice! You can always refer to You Tube for a better view and a close up.

Either way, the fact that the Domino planner is inexpensive has become a great option for many people who otherwise would not be able to afford a leather filofax or commit to an expensive planner if you are just starting your collection.

Whatever you choose, be fab and enjoy your planners regardless!


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