Ordering my very first… ever… Erin Condren Planner

When I first learned about the Erin Condren planners was only after I had ordered my Plum Paper Planner back in January. As I learned about Plum Paper, I was also learning about the hype and fever of the Erin Condren planners. Back then, for some reason, I wasn’t feeling the Erin Condren planners, I thought they were cute and fun and all, but I kept asking to myself, would these work for me?

As I have written before, I absolutely love my Plum Paper Planner and I think this is one of the best planners I have found, aside from ring binders that you can completely customize. The Plum Paper Planner has the potential to be all you need in one single notebook. You can add sections to it and you can even add months or have your planner start at any month, something that you can’t do with the Erin Condren, at least not now.

As I started using my Plum Paper Planner, which is the family planner, I really liked it because I have one designated section or box to each one of my family members as well as other different things that I need to keep track of, I really liked that I could write down reminders and what not for each family member and complement my planner with the add ons that I also bought, one for my blog, one for my home and one for my baby.

After almost five months of using the planner now I just find myself feeling like this format is too cramped for me, it has lines and I also find that the lines are a little bit limiting for me. Also, I have one box for myself but because I have so many things that I need to do and remember and track, having one little box for me is not enough! so the planner still works but it is not enough! Because my family members usually have one or two events or things I need to keep track of, I find that the planner helps me have an overview of what is happening on a specific week, but because I don’t have nearly enough space to write down all the things that I need to actually do, this planner is not really helping me and I end up writing my own tasks on a separate piece of paper.

I kept thinking about what to do to use my planner more efficiently so I started using the other sections, but my problem with those sections is that because they are not part of my monthly or weekly view I don’t have the discipline to go throughout the entire notebook looking for all the things I need to remember. What I started thinking was that I could use one of my filofaxes to remember my own things, have my own home planner for myself and use the PPP (Plum paper planner) as the family planner, sort of like a general household calendar but in a notebook. I really didn’t want to have using too many planners for my home, but I started watching more and more videos of ladies reviewing the Erin Condren and it suddenly occurred to me that, this EC planner, might actually work for me.

Right now Erin Condren has all of their life planners at 40% off, and I had the chance to open a new account and get $10 off, which means that the planner would only end up costing $20, instead of the usual $90 at its regular price. I kept thinking about whether I should order one or not, or yes or not or yes or not, and I finally thought that it is only $20 and it would be well worth the money. I can then start trying it out to see if I like it and to decide whether EC is the planner for me so I can order it next year because now, I am not sure if I will want to order the PPP again.

I went ahead and I bought the EC planner, I love the covers and the fact that it comes laminated in thick lamination instead of the plastic cover that the PPP has. Also, I love the fact that it comes with a perpetual calendar, a plastic pouch and other things that the PPP doesn’t have that I end up missing and had to add myself. Something that was stopping me from actually ordering the EC planner is the fact that I don’t know if I will like the planning format that they use: morning, day and evening. But then I thought about the fact that, right now, because my life is comprised of different routines that have to happen in the morning, day and evening I thought that this format could actually make my life easier, then I can have a visual representation of my days and the things I need to remember doing, something that right now, with the PPP I can’t really do because everything is cramped in one single small box and I need to know when those things actually have to happen.

Whilst I do like the fact that the PPP gives me the possibility to know what is happening in a week with each one of my family members, I think that the EC planner will give me more space to write down all the things that I NEED to do during a specific day for everyone else, so I could actually have an entire row rather than a small box, and then I can only use the PPP as the general family view of the weeks. I have no idea of this will work but I am mostly doing it because I already bought my PPP planner and I really thought it would work but now I just find myself feeling a bit restrained because I can’t fit everything into the tiny boxes that they give me, and also some boxes are not always full because I don’t always have things happening for some of my family members for example.

So, I ordered the Erin Condren and I will see if this is a planner that could work for me much better than the Plum Paper for 2016, as my family planner which usually stays home and helps me not lose my mind. If it does work right now, I would be happy to order it for next year and have a much more fun and “girly” planner. Oh! and this is another thing, the PPP is made out of beautiful, delicious paper, but I don’t always like the colors they use for the weeks and also I don’t like some of the inserts that it has, like the calendar that comes in the back, and the note pages or the fact that the tabs are not printed on both sides so each time I need to go back to my month, because I use my baby section a lot and this section is all the way in the back of the planner, I need to keep flipping my planner to find out where April is because the tabs are not printed on both sides.

Never mind, I am receiving my EC planner by the end of April (it says that it will be shipped by April 20th but who knows really) and I will let you know whether the EC might be a better planner for me at this point in my life.

Oh! the cover I ordered is this:


When I receive the planner I will be happy to report back… to be continued…

Em Jorden


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