Getting to know Franklin Covey’s binders and its inserts: Introducing Audrey

So, this is the continuation of my previous post where I was asking for suggestions and comments on how to achieve planner nirvana by using an A5 binder, or classic size in FC’s language, together with the inserts made and created by Franklin Covey as well. I received my A5 binder last week, it’s a classic size in the Audrey model. Without going into detail about the aesthetics of this particular binder, let me tell you that I am surprised that I have liked this binder as much as I do. It’s an unstructured binder in a gorgeous blue with huge 1.5″ rings in gold.

It was a somewhat cheap binder, I think in total with shipping I paid only $51, it is not leather but that is okay with me as it means that no animals died in the creation of these planners, this said, it’s a beautiful unstructured binder.

When I received it I tried to set it up and put in it the week on two pages inserts by filofax that I had extra from another planner, well, it didn’t work! First, this binder has 7 rings placed at an odd distance from one another, I am not sure if this is only to make users buy FC inserts or this is how it usually is with all binders with 7 rings. The filofax inserts obviously didn’t work because those have only six holes. I tried to add holes to the pages but without an exact guide I ended up messing it up and making holes that didn’t match the rings by almost nothing. I decided that I didn’t have time (with a baby at home) to work on creating inserts from scratch or printing my own and trying to make holes myself without the proper guide – I tried using the plastic boards that come with the binder but I didn’t work too well. I ended up giving up and decided to use my staples card and pray that I would get some kind of discount.

I bought the daily Day on Two pages inserts that come with monthly tabs (which I love because they have an index on the back for each month, as well as a table to record all your expenses). I put the inserts in, made a simple quick, sparkly dashboard, added some paper for notes, made some dividers and a page marker and voilá! I now have the PERFECT binder for my work’s demands.

For now, this planner is intended to be a complement to my personal size Filofax original. This Audrey binder will stay at my office while my Filofax will go with me everywhere, at least unless I don’t have to do some traveling for work. I recorded my first entries and I could not like it more! Adding information, creating a list of tasks, adding extra notes and reminders on these inserts was so easy! I didn’t have to think about where to put what, or how to create extra sections or boxes to add specific information, it was so easy! I was amazed by the simplicity of it. Yes the inserts are very “business like” looking but that is fine and there is nothing that some washi can’t solve! HA!.

Because I refuse to carry around a plain looking planner, I created a very sparkly dashboard that is meant to be a reminder of how life has to be taken with sense of humor and ease. Also, I created dividers that will add some color, yet looking professional if that’s even possible. I love my new planner! For now, I haven’t figured out how to have an overview of my entire week, I am thinking of adding one extra page of different inserts just to add this extra resource, now with a guide from the FC inserts it should be easy to perforate the wholes. The monthly view helps, but I am someone who doesn’t like going through pages and pages just to be able to see my entire week, because I have done that it the past and it doesn’t work for me. So, I am still thinking about what to do, but for now the binder works, at least it has for the past few days.

This week will be the first week working with this planner and although I don’t know if I will need to add sections to it or whether the sections I have will be enough, I am very happy I decided to get these inserts (which by the way ended up costing a little less because I used my staples card).

In terms of my sections and dividers, I have a monthly section, my daily section and my notes section. I only added four months of inserts plus the entire monthly tabs.

Franklin Covey is working for me, both, in terms of its binders and its system so far. I am someone who at this point knows when something is NOT going to work at all for myself, so I can say that FC has the potential to becoming my favorite inserts for many years to come – if I can figure out a way to also have a weekly overview only so I can see my events at a glance rather than by having to flip through the pages.

I took a few pictures with my phone and this is the result. I will keep you posted on whether these actually work for my needs, as someone who has many weekly meetings, deadlines, projects, infinite tasks and needs additional room for notes, meeting minutes and what not.

If you have additional ideas on how to achieve planner nirvana by having a monthly, weekly and daily view with the inserts above described, please let me know, I’d be happy to hear how you use your inserts and your planners.

Thanks for reading me today.

Em Jorden


8 thoughts on “Getting to know Franklin Covey’s binders and its inserts: Introducing Audrey”

  1. Wish I had an elegant solution for you, as this is my same problem. The best I could do was to print a Wo1P on a colored paper and punched on the left, then inserted at the end of the previous week, but that obscures the Sunday page. This is no problem for me, as I reserve Sundays as a family or free day — no schedules. Or, set up a separate section


  2. True that, I just need to explore some more and figure out a way to add a week on two pages without having to buy additional inserts LOL.
    So far I love them though! 🙂


  3. Thank you Carla. I actually thought of trying something similiar to those DIYFish inserts, I thought of maybe making my own printable and punching the left side on a legal size paper so that I can have a visual of the week without having to buy additional inserts. I also thought of cutting my Erin Condren inserts and adding them LOL I just need a visual of my meetings and events per week. So far, the day on two pages is working great though, I love them! 🙂
    I love your idea and I think I will try to do something similar.


  4. I do that but I find myself not having enough space. My days are filled with various meetings and events that I need to see on a weekly basis. The monthly pages work for now but I have events and meetings with arrows into the boxes, that's my worry but I think I will figure it out 🙂
    Thank you for your comment, great suggestion.


  5. FC inserts are so nice. They have a whole range of options and very useful. I wish they made nicer binders. Been looking for a nice sleek one for work, just can't seem to like any of them enough.


  6. I know what you mean, they do have a few really nice binders though, I have two by FC, one of them is called Flourish Planner whose quality is amazing and I really like and the Audrey planner which comes in this beautiful blue color. There is also one called Macaroon which is also very pretty, although not really my style. But yes, the inserts are wonderful and the binders, not so much. 🙂


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