World Stationery Day – April 29

We are closing to celebrating the next World Stationery Day whose main objective is to get people writing more in the traditional sense. I think this is neat and it’s a way to going back to basics and celebrating the use of the traditional notebooks and our old pens and paper.

There is a website where you can learn more here at their website. Basically, this day is described as World Stationery Day celebrates the written word and all things stationery – the products which make it possible.  You can never have too much stationery!” 

There are many ways in which we all can participate, for example, we can write and send a letter by snail mail to someone we love or miss, we can also use social media to spread the word and take pictures of our favorite notebooks, planners and what not. Check out all the ideas here

For now, I am happy this is celebrated and I will be posting some pictures myself. If not are not following me on Instagram, please do so @Thefabulousplanner, also post and share your pictures with me, I’d love to see us all taking part in this lovely project.

And here’s a prompt if you need more ideas for the coming 7 days to take pictures of your favorite stationery items.

Yay! for all of us stationery junkies, this is music to our ears. Let’s join!


Thanks for reading me.


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