My odyssey: Pink Fluoro Filofax Original in personal size and Amazon UK

Last March I received the Pink Fluoro Filofax Original as a gift from husband, and I absolutely love it. I had been searching for that planner for a long time but I didn’t want to spend so much money on the shipping for it. This planner is no longer sold in the US and it is available through the Filofax UK website, Ebay or Amazon UK. Before buying it I went to each site and compared both, the price of the binder as well as the shipping costs, it turns out that buying the binder through amazon UK was cheaper than buying it through the Filofax website. I went ahead and order it form a seller.

Ah! I forgot to mention that before deciding to purchase this binder from Amazon UK I made the HUGE mistake of buying it through Nigel O’Hara, an online company that sells fashion goods, Filofax and other things. My experience with Nigel O’Hara wasn’t the best for many reasons, first of all when I purchased the binder they never tell you that they don’t even have them in stock. When you place an order for Filofax it only says “available for purchase” which I assume means “you can buy this” and it is available. Later on, as I tried to figure out how long it’d take before I received my binder I learned that the “available for purchase” button actually means ” we don’t have it in stock, first we have to order it from Filofax, have it shipped to us and then we will send it to you”. I was upset at the fact that they have such vague and undisclosed guidelines. To know exactly what happens to your oder you need to click on so many different sections of their website, email them a million times and only then you actually learn about their sales practices.

When I learned that they don’t even had my Filofax in stock I decided to cancel my order. But canceling wasn’t easy either, first I received an email from an employee named “Aron” saying that I should not cancel and that he would speed up my order; he would mark it as a priority and that I should be receiving it very soon (yet, he wasn’t able to tell me what exactly “soon” meant). I didn’t change my mind and I asked him to cancel. It took at least 6 or 7 emails before he actually cancelled. Also, if you have questions about billing and cancellations you first need to email the “billing department”. To make the story short, it took about 5 weeks before I received my refund.

To me, when a company doesn’t disclose their buying, shipping and refund policy CLEARLY, it means that I shouldn’t buy from them. I was too excited about the binder and I made the mistake of NEVER checking before ordering. A friend of mine who lives in England told me that this was a “trust worthy” company, I guess it is when they actually have things in stock but from my experience, I would not order from them EVER again, nor do I recommend anyone abroad buying from them either. This company is a bit of a scam.

After this experience I decided to do what I should have done earlier, getting the filofax from amazon UK. It was a little more expensive than buying an A5 original from the US site but then again, this binder is not available in the US so I had no choice. I bought my Fluoro Filofax from a seller on Amazon UK called  Quickdraw stationery and I am very happy with it. It took about 3 weeks or 2.5 to get to the US. The binder is in perfect condition and I am happy with it so maybe in the end, it is better to pay a little more for shipping and make sure that the seller is trust worthy and that they have your item in stock!

After receiving the A5 size I decided I wanted the personal size, also in fluoro pink. I bought again from Amazon UK because I received an email about this particular binder costing a little less than its usual price. With shipping I would only pay $70, which is a lot less of what I normally pay for a personal size Filofax at my local stationary shop. I decided to order it from Amazon UK again and the binder is on its way, but because I always have to have a story about my orders through amazon, I recently realized that they have shipped my amazing, much desired Filofax original in Pink TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS!

They shipped this item through something called i-Parcel, which is something new to me. It turns out that i-Parcel is part of UPS but a different area. It is a logistics company that works with Amazon UK but they pay less for shipping, this is also why the binder wasn’t so expensive.  After calling the number that I-parcel gives on their website they said that I could only contact them through email.

A few emails later, back and forth with I-Parcel and Amazon UK, the parcel has been updated with the right address and it should be here next week (I hope).

So, after this journey, I can now say that ordering from Amazon UK if you are in the US works better than any other website, unless it’s a trust worthy website and as long as you write down the right address!

What is your experience with Amazon UK or other websites? Where do you usually order your filofaxes from, besides the Filofax US site?

Leave me your comments and experiences, I’d love to know, also for other readers to hear.

Thanks for reading.

Em Jorden


6 thoughts on “My odyssey: Pink Fluoro Filofax Original in personal size and Amazon UK”

    1. Oh, I know! I am starting to think that the only way to go is Amazon and other trust worthy sites with companies well know. *sigh*, I loved your last post! 🙂


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