Subscription Boxes for Planner Addicts: The Planner Addict Box

I recently jumped on the subscription boxes wagon out of curiosity. I have never really been into these subscription boxes but I saw the Planner Addict Box featured in a video by Jennifer from My Purpley Life and I thought that the box contained very cute and interesting things for us, planner ladies, so I went ahead and learned more about the box. After checking their website and watching a few videos on You Tube, including the videos by My Planner made by Vienna – the creator of the box-  I became very curious about this so I decided to order one.

The box is $15 per month and you can cancel its arrival at any point in time. I received the May Box a few days ago and I have to say that I really like what I received. I am not sure if these are items I want to spend my money on, mainly because, even though I decorate my planners a lot and I am all for accessories, I don’t necessarily spend my money on stickers or some of the things that the box contains. Everything is nice, made by Vienna, the awesome entrepreneur and founder of the Planner Addict Box.


I am a very picky person about the things I buy, almost to the point that I could be very snobish too, beware! This said, the reason why I decided not to continue with the subscription is because I really don’t buy many stickers and I am very picky about my planner accessories and many of these things I probably won’t use that much. I don’t like accumulating things that I won’t use so I thought it was best to stop the boxes from coming in. However, these are some of the things that you can find in a box like this, the box contains:

– One set of sticky notes
– One set of beautiful awesome Heidi Swap stamps
– one box of embellishments
– One bow paper clip
– one card with advice of the month (which I think is brilliant!)
– one gel metallic pen
– one set of small 20 round stickers for activities
– one mint herbal tea bag
– one card with advice of how to stay motivated to stay organized
– a couple of coupons for a few Etsy shops

Vienna, from My Planner on You Tube, packs everything for you and she also makes some of the things herself which I think is great. For $15 it’s not bad and I will be using all of the things I received, some things I would not typically buy myself but if I have them I will sure use them. Everything is very cute and most of all, the most important, Vienna is a young entrepreneur who started her own business, sells things online and came up with some brilliant ideas where she offers suggestions to all of us planner women to stay on track.

Contents of the Planner Addict Box

I love that she started the business on her own and, to me, the fact that this is a “local” product even though most things are also things we can find at the local craft store, she puts everything together for you in a box and in combination, it makes it great to have to keep on working on our planners.

If you like planner accessories, stickers and embellishments, this box is for you! Besides, Vienna providers great customer service. I had to make a correction with my address and she emailed me back right away. My box was delivered with no mistakes. She is a small business and for that I love to support it.

For me, these kinds of boxes would not necessarily be very attractive as a consumer because I try not to accumulate “stuff” – I have too many planner things as it is –  but the concept is great and also, this will allow you to create your own stash of planner accessories if you are just starting to get into the planner “world”. I was curious about the box, I tried it out and I loved it! I won’t continue with the subscription but I am sure this box can make happy many women out there who love their stickers and sticky notes.

Check their website and the videos on you Tube if you are curious to learn more about this lovely box.

Thanks for reading!
Em J


3 thoughts on “Subscription Boxes for Planner Addicts: The Planner Addict Box”

    1. They are very nice, I particularly loved the stamps. I discovered your videos the other day and I loved watching you go over your traveler’s notebook. It was great and it made me consider getting one. I might order it from Foxifix I think, I am somewhat handy but I don’t think I have the time right now to try to make my own TN. Anyway, I love your videos 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed my videos! You should definitely get one! 😀 I am loving mine! I understand. I do want to get a real TN one day though. 🙂 Thank you very much for this sweet comment!


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