{Original Love}: Adventures with the Filofax Original Organizers

The very first Filofax organizer I bought (and that I fell in love with) was a Domino in patent, but only because I could not justify spending around $80 for a personal size pink fluoro original organizer which was not even sold in the US. Eventually, I saw that my local stationery shop was carrying the original organizers and they had a navy blue, which I absolutely love so I decided to I save my “pocket money” and I went back to the store to buy it. This means that my very first Filofax Original was my navy blue one and I can’t event begin to say how much I love the originals. Here’s a picture of it, in all its glory.
4e9e8-dsc_2605In many of the Facebook groups withing the planner community, I hear people talking about the Maldens, the Dominos and even the Calipsos but not many people talk as much about the Originals, at least not to the extent that people go super excited about them like they do with the Maldens for example. Although I have met some other women who also are crazy about the Originals, specially the fluoros, but these are no longer sold in the US. Maybe these are so desired because they are becoming “hard to get” for us in the US, I am not sure.

Either way, after buying this blue navy original filofax, I went ahead and also bought an A5 and personal size pink fluoro and I am saving my “pocket money” to buy another original in black at my local stationery shop. I was thinking about the reasons why I am so in love with the Originals, relative to other models made by Filofax and this is what I came up with:

1. To me, one of the main reasons why I think the Original organizers made by Filofax is because it is made in England. This is one of the few planners that are still being made in England, the country where Filofax was founded. It is almost as going back to their roots as a company that makes organizers.

2. Its classic looks, this particular organizer is very simple. It consists of a few pieces of leather stitch together, with only two pockets – which I know many people don’t like – and an elastic band that serves as a pen holder.

3. The quality of the leather. This leather is thick, yet very supple. The organizer lies flat when you first open it, even straight from the box and I love that. The leather is strong, sturdy and unless something extraordinary happens to it, I think this organizer will last for a long time because of its quality.

4. The colors, this organizer comes in many different colors, not all of them are sold in the US anymore but you can still get them on some online shops, including Filofax UK and Amazon UK. You find aqua colors, fluoro in pink, orange and yellow, and even other colors like gold and silver. So beautiful!

5. Its minimalist looks and functionality. This organizer is a great marriage between beautiful looks and super functional. Like I said above, it only has two pockets one on each one of the flaps. You can fit small notebooks in each pocket which gives you the possibility to add pages to your organizer. It has two card slots where I put my business cards and pen lops that stretch because they are made out of an elastic band.

Last, this organizer comes in two sizes, personal and A5, and the rings are 23 mm for the personal size and 25mm for the A5, this means you can fit a good amount of papers, but I know that some people have said that even though you may be able to fit a good amount of pages in these organizers, the clasps are short and this prevents you from filling the organizer to its maximum capacity. I stuff my organizers a bit and, yes, the clasps are a bit short for the personal size but it doesn’t really bother me. I still think this particular organizer has a good capacity.

A few things why I don’t like these organizers are:

1. None really! HAHA! no, just let me think…
I guess one thing I don’t like about these organizers are the fact that so many colors are not sold in the US anymore and the fact that because the leather is very smooth they tend to scratch a lot easier, for this reason I have to carry my organizer in a fabric pouch.

These are the main reasons why I love this particular style made by Filofax. I am yet to divert from my love for the originals and I have not thought of buying other models. My desired organizer is the original black one in patent and also the burnt orange that’s coming out this summer I think, but for now, I am very happy with these I have, almost to the point where I could say I don’t need anymore original organizers!

originalsI love changing from one binder to another, these are like accessories to me so I know that it won’t stop here and I might end up buying one or two just because I absolutely love the looks and the quality.

There you go! This description is the closest way for me in which I can describe the many reasons that make these binders so beautiful and super functional. But which one is your favorite binder and why? Do you have a binder that you really love because it simply makes your planning process so much more fun and cute? Leave me your comments, I’d love to hear about your faves.

Thanks for dropping by!
Em J


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