5 Ideas to use your good OLD Filofax inserts

This is the thing, when you are a planner enthusiast you tend to have more than one Filofax binder – of Kikki.Ks, Franklin Coveys, Day runners, and so forth. Usually you actually have one of each brand existing in the market! But nevermind our addiction. This year, my goal is not to buy anymore binders (fingers crossed!) but to use all of the ones I have and actually, consider even selling some of them. With this in mind, I was looking at all the inserts I have as well, some of them are self printed, some of them came with one of my binders and some of them are bought.

Many of these, especially the ones that came with one of my filofaxes, are old dated inserts. I also decided to not buy many stationery things anymore, and I thought that I could use some of the inserts that came with my binders from last year. I know many of us are picky when using inserts and doing our daily planning but this will also be a way to stick to my goal and waste less paper, kill less trees and spend less money, really!

Last month in January, when many of us planner people start setting up our binders and planners for the year, I put a set of old inserts in my Filofax original navy and decided to find a way to use them this year. Here are a few things I came up with that could help me recycle these inserts and avoid throwing them in the bin:

1. Very simple: Use some whiteout and cover the old year and old dates. Then write the new dates and new year only following the printed days of the week. You will have to use a current calendar to do this precisely but it is not the end of the world. This is actually what I did and so far it is working great!

2. Use them as a journal. You can whiteout the dates and leave only the days of the week to write down your memories or for memory tracking. It works great as well and will add some character to your journaling.

3. Print cute/useful labels or stickers with the current date and cover the old date with them. Your planner will look nice and you will save some paper this year.

4. Use the old inserts for meals planning. For meal planning you really don’t need dates – at least I don’t – you mostly need only the days of the week and you can always use any of the above methods to use current dates.

5. Use the old inserts as a complement to your current planner, if you are using two planners at the time, but on the old inserts you can track habits, spending, no-spending, exercise, and so forth. You can always use labels or stickers to cover the old dates. It works great!

Try it out! It is working for me and I am sure you will find a use for the old inserts. Here’s an example of my week in January where I used whiteout to cover the old dates. But tell me, what other uses have you found for old inserts? Have you tried out any other use or you just ditch them?

I’d love to know! Happy planning and thanks for reading.





4 thoughts on “5 Ideas to use your good OLD Filofax inserts”

  1. It’s wonderful to see and read about someone “recycling” old inserts. There are so many who unashamedly insist old inserts are unusable and will throw them out. I have a set of Kate Spade 2015 inserts that I’ve used whiteout on and re-dated. I like your journal idea. The smaller writing area will force me to think about what’s important and not just dump everything out there. Thank you.


    1. Thanks for the comment Carla. I just found myself having too many inserts and i didn’t want to throw them away. I kept thinking about options to use them and i think i found a solution. So far so good. I’m glad to hear your kate spade ones are working just fine too. 🙂


  2. I use these dated but unused pages as to-do pages or scratch pads for misc notes which I can jot things and then throw these out once done.


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