{Journaling} and why it is good for you, I am serious

Often on my blog I have talked about how I started getting more into stationery, planners and all things paper as a way to have an outlet that will help you cope with the daily challenges of life. This year, 2016 has inspired me to take on journaling. I have tons of notebooks placed around my desk area and I started using a journal as a gratitude journal last year but I rarely would write in it. I bought this notebook at my local store, I decorated it and made it my own, I did write a few things but stopped doing it on a regular basis when I got a new job.

This year, I have realized that writing is one of the activities that help me reflect and think on my own outlook on life. So I decided that this year I will write much more.

For this post, I actually did a little bit of superficial research and quickly googled about the benefits of journaling. It turns out, the benefits of journaling on a daily basis are endless! What did you know?! There are so many benefits to why it is a good idea to write or incorporate writing to your daily routine and I will name a few:

1. It helps you get to know yourself better

2. It helps you clarify your thoughts and feelings

3. Reduces stress levels

4. It helps you solve problems more effectively

5. It helps you resolve problems with others much better

I found this list here in case you are interested in reading more about this topic.

And this is not in the list that I found but I will also add that it helps you reflect on the current, past and future state of things, and it could even help you find direction when you are trying to take decisions.

I would say that 2016 is the year to re-focus and give direction to your life. Let’s journal!

By TrulyEm


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