The flexibility of a Traveler’s Notebook

For a while I started thinking about whether or not it would be a good idea to buy a traveler’s notebook, also known as Fauxdori. For those who are not familiar with the concept, a Fauxdori is called that way because it is a copy of the Japanese Traveler’s Notebook called “Midori“.  You can buy a midori from so many online stores these days and there is no need to travel all the way to Japan anymore.

The reason why I decided to go for a Fauxdori instead of the real thing is because with the Fauxdoris these days you have so many options out there from craftspeople who are making them in the United States in so many different variations. You can find midoris which are regular size meaning a larger size, half of an A5, and you can find them in the smaller size, almost the size of a Fieldnotes.  What I really like about not having a real midori is that you support local craftspeople but also, you can actually choose the width and heights of your Fauxdori to make it suitable to your needs. For example, depending on how many inserts you want to put, you will find Faxudoris that are wider so that you don’t get too much overhang with your inserts. You also find other sizes like the Cahier size that fits a cahier moleskine notebook.

You have stores like Foxifix, Chic sparrow  or Buteo Bunker on Etsy that make really good quality Fauxdoris. I got mine from BuetoBunker and I absolutely love it!

One of the reasons why I decided to buy a fauxdori is because as someone who enjoys jotting down all kinds of things and who loves having a system where I can separate my writing by topic of category, I thought that with a midori style notebook, I could insert as many different notebooks as I wanted and then have more freedom to use them. I could also change them on a regular basis depending on what I wanted to take with me. This system allows portability, flexibility and it can be as vast as your ideas.

I currently have six field size notebooks, I love that my notebook is chunky and that I can change the notebooks depending on a specific place or occasion where I want to use it. For example, I recently went on vacation and took my fauxdori with me. I was able to put the number of notebooks, of specific categories that would be convenient for me to have at all times and that would not add weight to my already super packed bag.

If you are interested in knowing, right now the notebooks I have are:

1. Planning – where I don’t necessarily have a planning system divided by days but I use it on the go as a bullet journal style of planner. This allows me to write down anything I think of on the go, or an errand I need to do or anything that I know I need to do at some point but I need to later on, put in one of my planners and take action on it.

2. Running journal, since I started to run again recently, I thought that with this notebook I can keep track of the miles I run as well as food and other things related to my running.

3. Journal – This is an on the go journal that I keep with me to write down anything I come up with in case I feel like.

4. Books – Where I write small notes or things I want to remember from the books I have been reading

5. House projects – I love this because I can write down anything I see or think of for our house or the projects I am working on and then take it with me when I go to the store to buy the supplies or pieces that I need for furniture and the house.

6. Traveling journal or planner – I se this notebook for all things related to plans for trips or weekends away or vacation that me and my family are taking during the year.

And this is what I carry with me in my Fauxdori by Buteo Bunker. I love this style of notebook because it allows a lot of flexibility, creativity and… FREEDOM! I would recommend this traveler’s book for anyone who is interested in playing around with a system that adapts to their life style or for anyone who has not yet found a planner or system that works for them. This traveler’s notebook can be adjusted and customized to your needs.

Also, there are TONS of inserts out there than you can use to create your perfect planning/journaling/doodling system.

Have you ever had a fauxdori and did you like it? Let me know what you think or if there is one particular reason why you love this style of notebook and why you would recommend it to someone.

Happy writings!  🙂



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