The mighty Filofax year at a glance insert

So, we made it, it’s 2016 already and most of us, planner people, are still working on setting up our planner(s). In my case i use at least three planner for different reasons but I focus the bulk of my life in two of them: My work planner which is  Hobonichi this year and my Franklin Covey flourish planner, which I use for all things home, family
appointments and to track different projects and other deadlines or time sensitive issues.
In the vastness of the planning tools universe, last year I decided to buy an insert by filofax, it was the year at a glance insert. Since then it became a very useful tool for me, new working mom and self appointed family manager.
This year at a glance insert is a one page insert, folded in many parts that comes in A5 and personal size filofax. It includes each month and each day of he calendar arranged vertically and horizontally.

The reasons why I find this insert so useful is because this particular view at a glance allows you to both track and forward plan any time sensitive items on a daily basis. With this i usually track doctor appointments for my child for example, I track birthdays sometimes and also past events that occur on a monthly basis or that i need to keep an eye on, like bills or deadlines. I am thinking that this insert would be useful for students particularly or someone who needs to keep an eye on multiple items that can’t be missed.
I bought this insert last year for the first time and I looked for it frantically this year as soon as I saw that my local stationary store was selling 2016 inserts already. If you don’t want to spend money on it, I know that there are plenty of sites, including Philofaxy where you you can download the file and print it for free. This is a very simple insert but a great tool that will help you be better organized and keep track of your life’s events, deadlines or highlights that you need to remember.
This is my take on this insert but let me know how you have used it and how it helped you keep a better organizing system. I’d love to hear your comments!

1 thought on “The mighty Filofax year at a glance insert”

  1. This is my second year using the year at a glance. Last year I used the horizontal. For 2016 I opted for the vertical. My kids are in college. Year at a glance has been a terrific means of keeping track of their separate breaks, scheduling blood donation appointments, keeping track of my dog’s weight check and monthly heartworm pill, and maintenance on my Jeep and registration due dates for the other vehicles. I finished up my studies over the summer. The year at a glance was superb for keeping a firm grip on my class due dates, testing dates, and when classes started/stopped. I find myself turning to it more and more. It’s also great for tracking my cooking magazine subscriptions, filter changes on the fridge and air humidifiers, battery changes for the smoke detectors, and when was the washing machine last cleaned. Sorry to hijack your comments area. I am just truly amazed by how much you can fit on this one insert. It has quickly become my favorite, and I can’t believe I almost didn’t get one this year.


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