Making filofax inserts out of journaling cards

As many planner lovers out there, I do like the looks of some journaling cards, even though I have never done any scrapbooking or journaling card-booking. The first time I bought a set of journaling cards was early last year. In the beginning I used them just for the looks of them, as decorative pieces for my planners, but being realistic, I will never use them for anything else.

After watching many videos from planner people, I went ahead an borrowed some of the ideas that many lovely planner women are doing with their journaling cards. I consider myself a little too pragmatic when it comes to using things. I prefer having things that have a practical purpose rather than simply accessories. Don’t get me wrong, I love pretty-planning and decorating my planers sometimes, but the planers I use on a daily basis are usually kept very minimal when it comes to decoration.

As I mentioned earlier in another post, this year I decided not to buy new inserts for my planners and re-purpose the ones I have from last year, this includes other kinds of inserts like dividers, dashboards etc. I noticed that some planner people use journaling cards as dividers, markers, trackers and so on, so I went ahead and came up with an insert out of the – many – journaling cards that I have. I am also aiming at reading as much as possible this year and I wanted to keep track of that in my planner. My reading tracker had to be distinct from other inserts for me to find it quickly, and also, it had to be simple: Hence the choice of using a journaling card as a tracker!

It is very easy to make one, here is how:

– Pick a journaling card that you like
– Choose the side you want to use
– Pick a title for it
– Perforate it using any other insert as a guide
– Decorate it (or not)
Voilá! You have an insert for your planners! – or even your traveler’s notebook or even a Hobonichi techo.

This is how my book tracker looks like: It is for the entire year so this should hold pretty well until December. I put it in my Filofax original in navy. It works great and I am very happy about how easy I can find it, since my planner is pretty chunky. This way I can use my regular paper inserts for planning purposes, notes and other sections in my Filofax.

What else have you used journaling cards for in your planners?




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