My week on my Filofax Navy Original

This year my intention is to stop buying stickers and other things to use on planners, so I have kept a minimalistic approach to the “pretty planning” that I usually do for personal tasks. For this week, this is how it looks like – please note how cute those unicorn stickers are!

img_20160207_112300.jpg                                       by the Fabulous planner


2 thoughts on “My week on my Filofax Navy Original”

  1. Not buying more washi tape this year will not be a problem since I use them for indexing/filing purposes. Stickers…that’s going to be tough. Good luck to us!


    1. Hi Carla, i think for me it is harder not to buy washi tape than stickers. That’s my weakness. It’s hard right? Oh! The struggle, the struggle! Let me know how you do, I’d love to hear.


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