Organized life = Organized planner

Lately, I have noticed at work – where I spend about 10 hours of my day every day, five days a week – that if my planner is organized, neither will be my work.

To the extend that my meeting notes and my planner is organized, I will also know what is happening every day. Then I realized that by having my planner physically organized, this is by marking each section that I need to create timelines, set deadlines, make lists and set my priorities I do need to know where things are in my planner.

My work planner is my hobonichi techi A6. And you should know that the Hobonichi hecho is just one book, divided in its design in monthly, yearly, weekly and daily pages but not physically. I went ahead and marked each sections one by one. Now I know where everything is and it makes it a lot easier to find things in my planner, including those things that I get lost after some time, thanks to the fact that I have a yearly index

Sometimes, we think that just because we carry a planner or a filofax in our purse or bag, our lives will automatically be organized and that we will know what to do but this is not the case. If we don’t know where in our planner, can we find the things that we need by physical marks – like tabs, page marks, ribbons, page flags, etc. – it will be A LOT harder to find a specific task on a specific day just because we can’t find a specific page or section.

When you start setting up your planner, make sure to mark clearly the different pages that you will need at hand – like calendars, notes, daily pages, to dos, lists, and so forth – without a physical mark it will be a lot harder to find your way around your pages and your life will just become more complex. Without physical marks, having a planner will defeat its purpose and your will find yourself lost in the vastness of white paper.




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