My week – Plum Paper Planner

This is the story: Last year, when my son was born I found myself at home, taking care of him and trying to digest how much my life had changed and was GOING to change. One night, well into the morning, probably around 2am when I was feeding him, I was watching a yout tube video by xSparkage, one of my favorite makeup gurus had had also become a mom around the same time and she mentioned that she had ordered a Plum Paper Planner because – she too was trying to figure out how to organize her new life – someone recommended this planner to her. As she was talking about the planner in one video and how customizable it was, I thought “I need this planner, now”.

At that point in my life I had put my pens and paper away and was focused on different things but when I became a mom I think I saw myself again with a different set of duties and wasn’t sure how I was going to handle them. I heard Alice (xSparkage) talking about this “wonderful amazing miraculous” planner – or so it sounded in my ears – and how she could customize it to her needs. I went ahead and looked into the page she was talking about. Back then it was an Etsy shop called “Plum Paper Planner“. This is a local store from California where you can order your spiral bound planners, customize them, add all the extras that you want  need and even choose your front cover and what not. Me, as a longlife stationery addict I loved the idea. I was home, on maternity leave, focused on one single thing which was my son and I started thinking about the infinite ways in which I could use this planner once I went back to work.

I ended up ordering the planner around end of December a year and a half ago. The Planner would actually arrive in February because it does take a few weeks, especially if you customize it a lot which it means that it would run from February 2015 to February 2016. This was all I needed to go back to my old love for stationery and from there on, it just became more of a hobby to me. As the year went by, using my Plum Paper Planner but also buying (many) other planner planners in one year, when I changed jobs to one that is more fast paced and where I have less time to sit down and “play” with my notebooks. I focused on a work planner which was my Franklin Covey and one family planner which became my filofax original. The Plum Paper Planner ended up being abandoned, which is not good because these planner are NOT THAT CHEAP.

I kept going back and forth to my Plum Paper Planner, each time realizing how easy and effective this planner is. My Plum Paper Planner is a family planner that I ordered customized with the names of my family members for each one of the boxes, together with several sets of extras. These past weeks I realized that I need to finish using this planner and so I decided to go back to it until I am done with it this month.

So this is my week. Please note that because it is a family planner and it ALWAYS stays home, I go crazy about decorating it and it also serves as a creative outlet for me.

Here it is, in all its splendor, my little good old Family Plum Paper Planner that I use after one year, still as a family planner/creative notebook. As the weeks go by I am starting to think that I will miss having this particular planner because it really helped me get a hold of my new life, a life as a working mom/family manager.

If you’d like me to say more about this planner, let me know in your comments. Thanks for reading!

Em J




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