Use a Filofax or ring planner to track habits

Lately I have realized how indispensable my planner is in my life and how much I depend on it for many things, especially now that my brain is half dead since I became a mom. One great use for it that I found is tracking new habits so I decided to try it out for February, and I am amazed of the positive effects of this little tool.

But how can you use your planner to create, enhance or keep up new habits? It’s actually very easy: By creating a tracking chart! This a very simple and easy tool to help you visualize your habits, especially when you are trying to build new ones or change your lifestyle. In my case, I am trying to get back to  my running habit that I have actually had since my teens. When I became a mom I stopped exercising because I am exhausted most of the time but I want to go back to it so I decided to tuse my planner to help me do this.

Not only does it help with exercising, but also with all kinds of habits that you think you want to actually have present. The reason why one would want to keep track of habits is just to remember or know whether you did something on a specific day, it is easier to remember whether you did something if you mark it down. Especially when you are tracking multiple things at the same time.

All you have to do is to use a simple page on your planner, I prefer using grid paper, create a table that will guide you, and mark it down! Obviously you want to have this tool in your planner at hand, or somewhere where you can look at it by the end of the day or early in the morning to track things from the previous day.

My tracker for March looks like this. Just make a column with the habits you want to track down, and write down the days of the month on top. You could also use the months horizontally or diagonally so you have more space. My filofax is a personal size so this is why I don’t have much space. It is very easy and simple.

The benefits of using a tracker are multiple but, mostly what I have noticed is that by tracking down different habits or routines you will: Stay motivated, remain inspired, have a visual layout of how you are doing, be able to re-set and try again, and most important it will make you feel accountable and not give up! I mean how satisfying is it to see your chart completely full? I’d say that when you see things written down it changes your way to look at your own habits and it will actually makes you be aware of how good you are becoming, or how much harder you need to work. Simple!

In this case I am just using my ring planner – an original filofax in navy – but you can use a notebook, your journal, a midori traveler’s notebook, a bullet journal or ANY piece of paper that you usually look at often or throughout your day.

What habits have you tracked or how have you used this tool to keep track of things? Do let me know in the comments.

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