Ode to the Filofax Originals

It has been about a year that I bought my first Filofax planner, it was domino in pink that I ended up selling because I realized that it wasn’t for me. Then one day I saw that they were selling the original models at my local stationery shop and decided to buy it. I fell in love with the originals because of several reasons, which I am listing below:

1. How beautiful and simple they look like: Its design and everything about these originals is so beautiful.

2. The simplicity: These planners don’t have many pockets which some people like and others don’t. Personally, I love how un-complicated they are, no pockets and only an elastic string across where you can put some pens.

3. The colors: These planners now come in so many different colors, I only have the ones that add joy to my uncomplicated life. I own the pink fluoro in both A5 and personal size and a navy in personal size. These two make my dream planners and I actually feel that as much as I love all the other colors, I don’t need to have them, but these two colors are another story!

4. The quality of the planners: These binders are very sturdy and the leather is very thick, I personally love how durable they feel to the touch.

5. It’s a classic! The original filofax is a classing among the collection of filofaxes, together with a few other models but these I think, will be loved by the planner community for many years to come.

Here’s my expressed love to my beautiful original navy filofax. Let me know your thoughts and comments on this post. Would love to hear.





8 thoughts on “Ode to the Filofax Originals”

  1. The personal size in Navy Nude, and Patent Purple are next on my list. I’ve been using my Pillarbox Red for the past 4 months, and absolutely love the “svelteness” but could do with a color change,

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    1. I always wanted the patent purple and the black. They sell the black one at my local stationery shop but maybe sometime I will decide to get it. They are beautiful, aren’t they? 🙂


  2. Got a A5 in Retro Brown for Christmas, just started a new job as health visitor, so its perfect for all my appointments but also keep on top of family life. As a man I love the tough feel of the leather, and really durable too as its in and out of the car. I’ve changed the rings to 30mm as I dropped it and bent the rings. I had to drill out the rivets which was scary, but it feels more me now. Love it….


  3. Hi Gavin, oh my god! I would be terrified to make holes in my filofax. I am glad you managed to do it, these binders seem to be able to last for a lifetime – or at least a few years down the line. I love hearing from not only females but males who love their filofaxes. Thank you for taking the time to comment and congratulations with your new job. I was also recently hired – about 6 months ago – where I work right now and I was so inspired to use one of my binders that I created a whole new “inspiring section”, it worked great. That binder had 30 mm rings and was peeeerfect! one of the things I do wish the originals had is bigger rings. Since the leather is a bit supple it does work to stuff it and closing it without much problem. Thanks again for commenting, please come back and let me know about your system, would looove to hear it. Be well, Gavin!


  4. I also love the original! I have a Malden and a Lockwood that I switch between in personal size for my schedule. Both are aqua, and I love the color. But I have the Original in A5 and use it for jotting down EVERYTHING from lists to ideas to doodles and notes. It’s just so comfortable because of it’s simplicity and thick leather, and the Patent Fuchsia makes is beautiful to me too! I didn’t think I’d want the patent, but it is not overly patent like shoes. The vibrant deep berry color makes me smile.


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