Planner tips: Adding space to your spiral bound planner

I will incorporate a new series to my blog where I will specifically talk about tricks, tips and suggestions, otherwise known as “hacks”, to help you find solution to keep your planner organized.

This is a very easy one. How do you add space to a page in a spiral bound planner when you can’t add pages to it? I use a very simple trick. When my notes pages or space to write down reminders or lists is all used, I take a piece of lose paper and stick it to my pages with washi tape. I write down the lists or things I need to remember and sometimes I take those pages with me if I need to.

In this example I actually used two pieces of scrap-book paper and stick one on top of the other, then I simply used washi tape to tape both of them to my planner. Very easy and very simple!

What do you think? Let me know what other tricks you used to add space to the pages where you don’t have empty spaces anymore.

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