Planning with a Kate Spade in March!

This year I am serious about saving money and not spending it on planner related things. It has been tough but I am proud to say that I have resister buying a lot of things, for example, I resister buying the 100 pens case from Kipling that I saw at TJMaxx a few days ago and that was only $20. I decided I didn’t need it, especially since I had bought another pencil case a few weeks ago, also from Kipling for about $10 and which has turned out to be so useful and just what I need to carry my pens around.

Anyway, long story short, I have also resisted buying new inserts for my planners or buying new planners because last year I actually bought a few that went on sale and my intention was to use them for this year. Of course, this year I suddenly realized that I want other kinds of planner but I am forcing myself to use what I have.

I am using my Erin Condren rose gold planner as my home planner, for finance things and bill payment and some planning. I use my Hobonichi Techo as my work planner, and I use my passion Planner as well for detail family planning. I didn’t want to use ring planners things year because I wanted to try new things, hence the reason why I have so many bounded planners. But I couldn’t resist buying this Kate Spade planner in personal size that I saw at TJMaxx the other day. It was onlt $7 and I am using it to track down a schedule for our day care situation and as my work out tracker.

My work planners stay at the office and I haven’t bought any inserts for my ring planners, I am recycling inserts from last years which are obviously outdated and this planner is the only one, together with the Erin Condren that have a 2016 calendar.

I am very proud of myself, because if you are into planners you know how EASY it is to spend money on washi tapes, inserts, paper, pens and what not. My savings are going well and I actually find that I really don’t need to have the latest planner, even if I am dying to have a couple of Kikki Ks that I saw on the website – and Kikki K actually sent me a coupon last month for my birthday.

So here it is, I will be planning March, for my “at home” things in this little Kate Spade planner, which is actually very cute, simple and more than enough for what I need.

How are you planning for March and what tools are you using? Are you ready for a new month? I am!

🙂  Em


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