Using old calendars for your bullet Journal

Have you noticed that usually, every planner we buy comes with a calendar for the current year but also for next year and sometimes even for the year after? Often, we consult the upcoming year’s calendar for planning purposes but also, if you are like me, once we have finished with that particular planner we archive the whole thing, including the yearly pieces.

I recently started experimenting with a bullet journal. I had a notebook that I now use for that purpose and I realized that when I was setting it up, I didn’t have much time to write down the yearly view all by hand. I looked into my 2015 planners looking for a yearly calendar for this year that I could use, and voilá! I found that one of my Kikki-K planners from last year had a calendar for 2016 all on one page so I decided to rip that page and glue the 2016 calendar on my bullet journal.

So there you go, if you are using a bullet journal or making a planner for this year out of a notebook or simply, you want to put an insert for this year but you don’t want to buy one, consider using the yearly calendars included in old planners. You can always cut it to size and punch it if you are using a rings planner.

My bullet journal yearly view now looks like this:

I glued it to my new planner and used some washi tape to decorate the page. I love it, especially because I didn’t have to write a whole year by hand.

What do you think about this idea? Would you consider doing something like this and recycle old calendars for new planners?

Let me know what your thoughts are about this idea.

🙂  Em J


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