Is there a right moment to plan tour day?


To have an overview of your day,  week or month, planning should be done ahead  so that you can schedule your appointments, events and know how much time you have available for emergent tasks.

For me, it’s important to find a moment to sit down and look at my notes, my family’s events and my to dos so i can plan my week and month. I then fill out my days with emergent tasks as they come up, because i will know how much time I have or don’t have.

It is also important to find a space where you can sit down and do the planning. This will also give you a moment to reflect on your goals and steps that you want to take to reach something. 

The planning of actionable steps to keep your life moving,  need to be planned with intention and with awareness of what you are doing, and what direction you want to go.

What is your planning routine and when do you plan?  For me, sunday nights ate the best time to plan my week but also everyday during the morning hours before i start my work, is the best moment for me.  Throughout the day i keep recording events or tasks in future pages as they come up and need to be scheduled ot allocated to other months.

Let me know what your planning routine is and when you do your planning!

Fabulous planning time!


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