Filofax to organize and simplify

12070868_569082293245254_1476372279_nIt was last year when, during my planner craze, I bought the Filofax transparent dividers with tabs after I saw @Enjoyette – whom I wished continued making planner videos – and how she used them to create different meaningful sections in her planner.

Miss Enjoyette offered a new way to see your planners, she had a comprehensive system where she designed different sections with different purposes, and then carried elements of those sections into her monthly, weekly and daily dockets. She planned with intention and purpose, I was amazed by how straight forward she explained it and how amazing her system is. If you are curious about her videos, go check them out here! 

I was inspired by the way Enjoyette used her planner system that I went ahead and created a whole new system for me. I used some of the sections she created and made them mine with some modifications. I inserted a “Focus” section in my planner, back them I was using a Franklin Covey Audrey binder in A5 size. It worked wonderfully for me but it was a planner that mostly stayed in my office. This year, as much as I love my Audrey planner I decided to go back to using my personal size planners, and I am now using my Filofax original in navy as one of my daily planners for personal things, my blog and instagram and what not. In here, I decided to use the transparent acetate Filofax dividers or flylead as they call them. I bought these because of different reasons, but because my planner is already so bulky, I decided to use these dividers as dashboards to host the sections that I had created in my Audrey binder last year.

The section I created after watching Enjoyette’s videos was a section on its own, but then again, this binder has 3″ rings! So I went ahead and decided to use the transparent sheets as dashboards. I have not re-made all of the sections that I originally had but for now, this is one of them. It is called the “Focus” section.

This year I am focused on changing a few things in my life. Since I became a mom things have obviously changed and now that my son is older and I am more steady at my new job, I am slowly going back to running again, meditating and reflecting – spiritually speaking.
I love these transparent flyleafs because they could potentially be used for so many things, here’s my focus section. Very simple, very easy to use, at hand and with important notes that I will see every time I start my planning. The sticky notes are used with the idea to change them as needed or adjust the contents of this focus section.

The package of Filofax flyleafs come with 4 or 6 I think, so the other ones are being used to host my reminders, daily dockets, notes, and general braindump to later on allocate those tasks wherever they belong.

Here is a picture of how my previous focus section in my Audrey planner looked like and here’s how it looks like now in my Filofax, personal size. I love it and I will continue working on these sections again, just like Enjoyette did. She is amazing and every time I watch her videos I learn something new. Maybe she’s reading this and will come back to making videos again! LOL

Let me know what you think and how you use your flyleafs if you have them as well.

Thanks for reading!
Em Jorden


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