Simplify your Filofax – How to make tabs with washi

By the fabulous planner, all rights reserved

Today’s tip and trick is to make tabs for your inserts, using washi tape. I decided to give this a try after I laminated a page flag and added it to my yearly calendar, but after a year of using it, the tab didn’t really last so for this year, I decided to try with washi.

It is very simple, just stick a piece of washi tape to the front of the insert that you want to identify and keep at hand. Use another piece of washi tape for the reverse, in such a way that both pieces of washi are stuck to one another.

This will make a little tab and you are all set to use it – hopefully all year long. For this particular insert which is my yearly filofax calendar, I also put washi tape around the punched holes to make it last longer and to have a visible tab to locate my calendar a lot faster.

What other tips and tricks do you know that can help make your inserts more durable? Do let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and happy week!

Em Jorden


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