To do lists that help you get things done


As you know, I am a mom, a working mom and as many moms out there we have tons of things to do and very little time. Things get complicated when we can’t just get out of the office to go to the bank or run to the post-office so moms usually have to become creative to get things done – on time!

So here’s my take on how to create a to do list that will actually get done.

1. Keep it simple and concrete – Plan the things that you need to get done, and add them to your planner, especially if they are time-sensitive. Be realistic about whether you will be able to go run an errand that will take at least 30 minutes during your lunch break if this can only be half an hour. So think realistically when planning your to do list and ask yourself: Will I find the 30, 10 or 20 min that I need to go run this errand, make an appointment, call someone, pay bills, check my email, send an email, etc?

2. Prioritize – Some actions are time sensitive so you will want to prioritize those that need to be done BEFORE or BY a specific day.

3. Plan your day and insert your to dos into those windows of time that you have in between tasks. For example, I usually try to plan my day based on my appointments and things that are subject to other people and can’t be changed, then I schedule time sensitive tasks or actions, and then I add emergent tasks whenever I have a window of time where I can squeeze in an errand or an action.

4. Use a notebook, also known as “brain dump” where you will write down EVERYTHING that you need to do during your week or month and then, once you allocated those things to your week or day, identify your to do lists. Add these to dos to your day as you plan your day in the morning or the previous day.

5. Know how much time will a task take to be accomplished. This will make it easier for you to assign your to dos to your days and plan accordingly.

Of course, don’t forget to keep your list at hand and wherever you can see it or take it with you. I usually keep it in my planner. If it’s a ring planner I punch holes to it and add it as one of my inserts. I use my hobonichi techo and usually I write down the To Dos on a separate piece of paper and stick it to my Hobonichi’s cover to keep it handy. It is very easy to get things done, and actually this is also a great strategy to stop procrastinating! Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Thank you for reading!

Em J


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