Filofax series 2: What is a dashboard?

The great dashboard is sometimes one of the sections that can be a little confusing for some of us. Especially when someone is trying to get into planners or is new to all of this.

A dashboard is usually placed at the forefront of a section, a planner or as a front page. This is the place “to go” when you are looking for something important, additional information, a quick place to write down an idea, or a place to host emergent tasks or thoughts. It usually is a flyleaf or a laminated page, mostly because these materials allow you stick  post-its to it easily. Also because these materials stand out and are easy to locate when you are trying to find the right place to write something down.

Dashboards are the first page of a section or subsection or of your entire planner, this is ideal because you know you can always stick a post-it to that particular place. Also, if you write things down on sticky notes, this is the place to put them temporarily, and then transfer those ideas, thoughts or tasks to its corresponding section or day.

I love having dashboards made out of laminated scrap-paper or flyleafs. This is the place where I put a bunch of things and the place to go for when I am trying to remember an emergent task or a thought that has not been moved to another section.

It is up to you what you put on your dashboard but think of it as the page where you temporary things can live or where you can secure your sticky notes without these falling down easily. You can create a dashboard for your A5 binders, personal size, fauxdoris and even hobonichis or spiral bound planners.

How do you use your dashboards?

Happy plans!

Em J


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