Filofax Series 3 – The core of a planner, the calendar

Planners can have different purposes and for this reason it is up to you what sections you add to them. Welcome to the third installment of my Filofax series where I will break down each basic section of a ring binder and will talk about its particular characteristics and uses.

The core of a planner is the calendar, whether you use only a monthly and a weekly or only weekly or daily pages, these are the pages that will guide you and help you plan your day to day. In my case, I can’t survive daily without having a yearly calendar view – for which Filofax actually has an already made insert or you can also print it from from Philofaxy where very generously they share various inserts that you can print for free.
In addition to having a year at a glance insert, I also use a monthly, and a weekly. I don’t always feel the need to have a daily but if I do I usually just adapt one of the Filofax inserts.

But let’s talk about each component and why it could or could not be important to you.

The year at a glance 

This insert basically allows you to have an overview of an entire year at a glance, usually, it is only one page folded into different sections and printed one or two sided. I love this insert because on here I can future plan different things such as vacation days, days off, weekends away or working weekends, highlight events that will happen somewhere throughout the year but that I need to keep in mind for my monthly and daily planning as well. This is a great way to mark down events that will happen not necessarily soon, but you can also keep track of things pertaining to a specific week or day. For example if you have to plan your vacation and need to know when that is happening, this insert is a great tool. It works great whether you are a stay at home mom or work or have a business. I used it for the first time last year and this year I had to buy it because I keep track of different things related to my family members and my work. I didn’t buy it right away in January because I thought I could do without it but half way through the month, I realized how much I needed it because my monthly inserts were not doing the job.

Monthly inserts

These are a complement to your weekly or daily inserts. It allows you have view your month at one glance because usually these inserts come printed on one page or two pages. They are great for planning your weeks and then using them to transfer tasks or events to your weekly or daily pages. I think this really is a must have for everyone. You can future plan appointments, events or important things that are time sensitive.

Weekly pages

Although this is more a personal choice, the weekly pages can or cannot work for you depending on your needs. For me, I like to have a week on two pages where I can see what is happening on a specific week. I usually do my planning on Sunday morning or night and the weekly view allows me to plan ahead, know how much time I will have for specific things or will also give me an idea of what’s what I need to remember doing. You can write down tasks, events, appointments, reminders, deadlines and emergent tasks. You can also use this view to set up your priorities or things that you MUST DO that week.

Daily pages

For me these are not necessarily a must have but they are good to have, especially if you use one planner both for work and family or personal things and you need more space to write down things. The weekly pages aren’t always necessary for everyone, for example for me are not a need but at times, when I have a project or a long list of things that I need to do on a certain day, these inserts do come in handy because you get more paper to write on. They are also great for brain-dumping and journaling if you like to have that in your planner.

It is up to you what combination of these inserts you use, some people don’t think they need a weekly view or a yearly view but can’t live without a daily, and so forth. However you choose to create your own system make sure that this works for YOU and your lifestyle. For example, a week on two pages is not going to work if you need to schedule your days based on time. I also believe that each kind of view complements one another and some of us carry all of them in one planner and use each section for different purposes, together, they create a system that makes life easier and keeps you up to speed to reach your weekly and yearly goals, which basically means getting things done and making your life more fulfilling and joyful.

I covered all of the sections that I thought are a must have or at least basic for a planner but if you have seen another way to plan your days or weeks, do let me know. I’d love to know. Good luck putting together your system and let me know how it goes with it.

Thanks for reading my blog today

Em J




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