To try or not to try, that is the planner question and my Hobonichi

This year, 2016 one of my planner wishes was to buy a Hobonichi techo planner, and December 2015 I actually went ahead an ordered it online, it came all the way from Japan. I was delighted! Up to that time, I had only seen a Hobonichi on You Tube videos, especially from planner ladies like Mits from MyLifeMits and other ones. All of them said one thing which was that the paper from the Hobonichi is amazing. I was very curious. I can’t even tell you how many videos I watched until I made the decision to order a Hobonichi Techo instead of the cousin. They were right about the paper, the tomoe paper is exquisite and so thing that it’s almost like a miracle every time you use a marker and nothing goes through the pages. (Don’t try alcohol markers though)

Now, the Hobonichi Techo is may work planner and I am so happy with my decision. The only thing that I do regret a little after using the Hobonichi techo for three months is that, this planner doesn’t have a weekly view. The Hobonichi techo is almost the size of a personal Filofax planner, but let’s go a list all of its components:

The Hobonichi Techo has:
1. A whole year listed vertically
2. A monthly view, all months are grouped together in one section
3. A daily planner, one page corresponds to one day
4. Notes – which are dotted and are so pretty
5. Notes and facts about Japan which are very entertaining to read during a boring meeting

As you can see, it does not have a weekly view, a vital tool for me just because of the kind of system that I have. Because I knew that this Hobonichi doesn’t have a weekly view I ordered also a booklet called “weekly” which has a week on two pages overview and I thought I really would like it and I really would use it a lot, well, I am doubting now about my initial idea. After using these two together, the Hobonichi and the weekly, I just can’t seem to get the hang of the weekly view. It is too small, it is divided into time slots that are not very clear and also, it comes as a separate booklet to my hobonichi so I find that as much as I want to use it, I end up not looking at it by the end of the week.

Here’s where I had to ask myself, is it worth trying to use a tool that clearly is not really working? How much harder can we try to find a use for things that we buy if we realize that they really are not meeting our needs? So here I am, wondering what to do with the weekly booklet that I am using together with my Hobonichi.

Because this planner is my work planner, and at work I use the google calendar just because it is something required by the place where I work, I feel like the weekly booklet is not being so useful because I can always count on my digital calendar provided by google. Today, when I was going to set up my weekly view in my hobonichi, I realized that I didn’t even want to fill it up because I know that it is not being very useful. So, what to do? I might end up using it for something else, like journaling or try something new but for now, it is not serving its purpose. The Hobonichi on the other hand, it is all I had imagined and I love it, except next year, I will order the Hobonichi cousin instead of the A6 size, which actually includes a weekly view as well as a monthly , yearly and daily.

Have you bought tools or planner components that you end up not using? Let me know your thoughts and thanks for reading.

Em J



3 thoughts on “To try or not to try, that is the planner question and my Hobonichi”

  1. o, yes, of course. Not bought, but got (in PDF) the Agendio planner, and didn’t used the weekly view for a while, when I used a daily page – because I made the daily schedule on the daily page. But things are changing, and I try again using electronic task management (todoist), and it seems to be working! This way I don’t need a daily page – Agendio weekly can work again 😀


    1. Thank you for your comment! Things always change and sometimes our good old planners need to adjust. I have never used agendio. Is it good?


      1. yes, I love it, because it is highly customizable. After so long time I considering to buy (for the next year) a spiraled one, because that can be much bigger!

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