My powerful Original Filofax: Planning your week


To me this past week has been a week of a lot of reflection and questioning about the purpose of my own life. I decided to bring back a project that I started working on a few years ago but suspended because I was lacking structure and inspiration.

I have also been exploring other venues to make an income professionally so that I can spend more time with my son. Today, while I was setting up my Filofax planner – the original in navy – I realized how important it is to have a planner that not only serves as the place to store your thoughts, ideas, goals and plans BUT ALSO a planner that helps you stay inspired and thrive.

When I put together this filofax to store everything pertaining to a project I am working on, I didn’t realize that the dividers that I had made a year ago would be so helpful right now. This one in particular says “Never give up”. I think whether or not we are working on something in particular, never giving up makes sense often, especially when life becomes a little overwhelming.

There you go, your planner can represent the space where you can store your thoughts, ideas and plans but also, a tool to help you stay inspired and working after your goals.

I love it! Have a happy weekend and remember to create a system that will help you keep your mind clear and focused on what really matters.

Thank you for reading! Happy plans.

Em J


2 thoughts on “My powerful Original Filofax: Planning your week”

  1. Excellent post!!! I have 2 A5 Filofax organizers. But. I’m stuck in a coiled Plum Paper Planner. I love it but I’m waiting on a 6 hole punch that’s in transit so I can move everything out of the coil. I need space for stuff besides the ppp guts!!


    1. Thanks kim, that’s also how i felt with my PPP, i felt that i needed additional pages on to top of only the planner pages. Good luck with transferring your pages!


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