A planner for (working) moms: Survival mode on

If you are a mom you know how challenging it is sometimes to take care of everything, let alone if you also work full time, AND try to serve your community with projects on the side (and you want to blog). I only have one child, he is almost 2 year old and he moves non- stop. At the same time, I am someone who can’t handle a messy house, I just can’t, never have and it’s very difficult for me to relax if my house/desk/car/office is messy. This said, I add even more stress to myself by wanting to have a clean house at all times, even with a toddler.

I work full time as a Community Organizer in a non-profit organization, being a community organizer full time and mom/wife/pup-mom can be difficult sometimes so I depend on my planner to help me deal with life, or really, just to survive until my child grows a little bit more. I have never bought an already-made planner for moms simply because I can’t related to many of the products sold out there. I have my own demands and I find it that many of the mom planners out there are not suitable for me. Kikki-K does have a few binders that I think would be great to have, but they are separate binders for different areas in your life. Not really a planner.

So I put together a list of sections that I think the ideal (working) mom planner should have. If you are a stay at home mom, some of these sections might be irrelevant but that doesn’t mean that you have less work, it just means that our lives are compartmentalized differently. What sections can you put into your planner if you want to be able to remember everything and deal with everything without forgetting that you have to do it?

I believe the perfect mom planner should have:

  1. A beautiful, inspiring dashboard that will keep you going when you feel your are running out of steam. Not to forget a flyleaf to put sticky notes on the go when you need to make sure they make it to your planner, for you to allocate them to the pertinent section
  2. A personal section where you can store your darkest thoughts (HA!)- or really where you can store all things pertaining to yourself, mom – because I find it that sometimes we put ourselves last in the list of people we need to take care of
  3. A yearly, monthly, weekly and/or daily calendar – when you are mark down vacation, holidays, birthdays, special events and events in general that you need to plan in advance (and remember) appointments, bill reminders, bill deadlines, reminders, etc. and a daily section if you prefer having a lot of space to write down everything related to both, work and personal life.
  4. A work section – if you are a working mom and need to keep track of appointments, reminders, meetings and to dos.
  5. Family section – where you can write down any trackers (in case you are tracking your children’s health or sick days) reminders, homework, school projects, husband schedules, husband reminders, etc. All of these can be sub-sections.
  6.  Menu and lists – to plan your meals and make sure you have a list prepared for when you go grocery shopping.
  7. Projects, can be house projects – meaning family related – or work projects as well.
  8. A brain dump – because every mom needs one if we intend to survive!
  9. Miscellaneous, where you can store information such as contacts for school, veterinary (if you have a child-pet), other moms, play dates, places, doctor’s, hospitals, family, and maybe even to write down your passwords.
  10. A notes section – if you are like me who since became a mom seems to have lost her memory along the way, we need to write down everything so the notes section is essential.



These are only some of the sections that I suggest you can come up with to put together your own planner. Remember that your planner should be the place where you can store your thoughts, ideas and life vision. It should be a tool to help you navigate life a little easier, especially if you are a working mom. I am someone who is a planner and always has been so I like to plan my days ahead of time, also because I have too much to do all the time, but you don’t have to know what’s happening next week to use your planner. Planners are also great to store ideas and be more intentional about what you want to do and how you want to use your time. Remember that time is a scarse resource so we should be wasting it wisely. Now, if you need more inspiration on additional sections that you can use to put together your own planner, Pinterest is a great place to visit. There you will find a ton of ideas for more sections that could be useful to you.

Whether you are a mom who also works outside the home or only works at home (the so called stay at home moms) planners are a great resource that will help you also remain inspired and up to date with your goals. We, moms, should also be taking care of ourselves it being by working out, doing 30 min of meditation, taking a bath, getting a haircut, or whatever makes you feel happy and that will help you re-charge your batteries. Use your planner because there is no other way around learning how to best organize and manger our time.

Time is a scarce resource,  waste it wisely.

Thank you for reading, I hope this was useful and gave you some inspiration to create your perfect (working) mom planner.

Em J


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