Atlas stationers, Chicago

I visited Chicago two weeks ago and even though it was only for three days, I ran to visit Atlas Stationers when I had some time. I was actually looking for other stationery stores but they were too far away so I ended up going here.

The store carries an amazing collection of Filofax binders. I even found a binder that I have rarely seen in stores which was that hot pink safiano in compact size. They had a few Mandens and even the lilac original Filofaf, together with the Dominos, safianos – including the gold one – and other patent ones. It was fun to be at the store. They also carry a great collection of Lamy pens. I bought a few sticky notes and some sharpie gel highlighters that I had not seen locally here in Boston.

Overall my experience there was okay. I have to say that for a stationery lover, this store is a bit strange. One one side of the store they carry all things stationery and office products, they most have brands like “post it” and average office products that you can find at any office store. The only great thing about it is that they have a small selection of Field Notes notebooks, some moleskine planers, a great collection of Filofax planners, as I mentioned earlier and some Rhodia notebooks and other notebooks as well. I was not impressed but I still ended up spending about 1 hr at the store just because I wanted to see if I could find something special.

The store is okay. The other section covers things like cleaners, cards, some random stuffed animals, and even food I think. A bit weird.

It is still a nice place to see if you are walking through Chicago downtown and have a minute to check it out. The pends they have are great and you don’t always find a store that carries so many lamy kinds or pilot pens.

Their service is great I have to say though, although I did get a bit annoyed after being asked three times if I needed any help! Anyway, if you know any other stores in Chicago do let me know. It looks like I might end up being again this year in the summer.

Thank you for reading!

Em J




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