Filofax Series, part III: The notes section

Let’s continue with the third installment of the Filofax series and today I will talk about the very basic and very important “Notes” section. This is of course not always an section only for random notes but I believe it can help us organize our ideas, find solutions and write down your thoughts or general notes for you to follow up on later.

The notes section is the place where you can actually create subsections for thoughts, ideas, reminders, brainstorms, brain-dumps, road-maps, laying out your projects, scribbling, brain-dump, descriptions on something, favorite places or things, the list is endless really. What is important is that you remember that this is the section where you can more or less empty your mind to make space for the important stuff like appointments, goals and happy moments. 🙂

For example, the notes section in both of my Filofax binders are the place where I can sit down and brainstorm on blog posts, find names and determine how I will breakdown each topic. I also use my notes section to take notes on meetings, conversations, personal meetings with people, ideas to follow up on, take notes on articles that I come across on the internet – and highlight any pieces of interest that could be useful for my blog later on. The notes section is a general place where I know I will find information on topics and ideas. This is the place where I sometimes write the names of books or websites that are important for me to check out to take ideas from there.

My notes section is destined for information that I can refer to later on when I am planning specific things. The information on your notes section will also become information on your calendar pages, goals sections, dashboard or even be part of a project in your projects section.

In terms of the kinds of inserts that you can use, I usually use plain paper, sometimes from the Filofax line, sometimes random paper that I punch and cut to size from other notebooks, or sometimes I even add different sizes of pages that I take from other places. You can also use specific inserts that you can get from pinterest, maybe some freebies or layouts designed by other bloggers.

I have to say that it is also fun to have papers of different colors and designs, if you don’t think it can distract you or drive you a bit crazy. Some people prefer just plain paper, for me, this section is the place where I can go a little crazy and it doesn’t matter much what kind of paper I have so I usually go free-style with it.

I also keep a small field-notes size notebook that I bought on discount at Papyrus that I keep in my filofax just for me to journal or write more of personal thoughts that don’t necessarily need to be allocated to the rest of my pages in the planner.

For moms, the notes section is where you can also store notes on your children’s lives or husband’s schedule and what not. You can basically write down everything and anything but try to identify the kind of information that you store there so you can also refer to it or consult later on when needed. The notes section is to help you find information or references for future projects or plans, so use it and go crazy with it!

Thank you for reading and until next time in the Filofax series.

Em J



5 thoughts on “Filofax Series, part III: The notes section”

  1. Very useful! I have my field notes, but they are a little mess. I will try to write more organized, to be easily located.


    1. Thank you for your comment! How do you like the field notes? I do love mine! 🙂 Perfect size and great to carry with me everywhere.


  2. I do different. I never (ok, not too long :D) keep notes in the notes section. I use it only as an inbox. I move the pages somewhere. If I have to have them in my main Filofax, than to the end the A_Z section. If I don’t need too often, I have to other Filos: one for infos and one for notes (like I read something, and took notes, or meetings in school, etc). Or if my notes are randon thougts, I can copy to the right place (like a to do)


    1. Ah! That is a good method as well! It would not work for me but I am glad to hear about it, maybe I can try to experiment with it later on. Thank you Zsuzsa for your comment, so great to read about it!


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