It’s Spring! – Top activities to do this month to renew your resolutions

I had a buddhist teacher who taught us the most important principle in Buddhism which is “The mind reigns”. This means that it doesn’t matter how much you workout, how much you try to modify your life or your habits if you don’t adjust and change your mind. Buddha says “What you think you become” and I do believe it is true. Our thoughts lead our lives and the world eventually ends up looking the way our minds are. If you have a cluttered mind you will find that you forget things, you are distracted and you can’t just “get it together”.

With this principle in mind, I have been reading different posts that talk about renewal. Maybe also because the Spring has started we begin to change our lives to adjust to a new season. We start going out more, especially if you live in a cold place like Boston, we start working out more (maybe?), we start seeing friends more or attending more social events? Our children – if you have them – start spending more time outside and also, you realize that your house needs a make over. Maybe that is why they call it “spring cleaning”. But we usually never take care of our minds and we forget about taking care of ourselves. Especially when you are a mom like myself.

We have our days overbooked or over scheduled, we spend too much time on the internet or on the phone, we watch too much TV or You tube in my case, and we are too tired sometimes to do the things that make us happy, REALLY happy. My teacher also used to say that authentic happiness is long lasting, temporary happiness is just a brief moments in our lives when we think we have achieved nirvana but really, once that moment is past we go back to our old grumpy selves. By changing our minds we make sure that happiness becomes long lasting, that we are in peace and that we have the capacity to monitor our thoughts and adjust them so that they don’t drive us crazy or make our days go wrong.

With Spring comes new hopes of improving our lives. This is the opportunity to revamp our days and find moments when we begin to create new habits, positive routines and monitor our thoughts so that our minds stop being so noisy. Planners are a great tool to help us do all of these. By creating a system that will help you schedule your days and create better routines, you will realize that you have more time to take care of yourself – body and mind.

I created a list of a few things that I believe can help us in April to begin to create new habits, take care of ourselves, slow down a little bit and recover our energy. We are just into the fourth month of the year and we have a long way to go, so this is a GREAT moment to stop for a minute and reflect on how to change our minds, take care of our bodies and make our lives happier, where happiness will last longer a longer and not only a brief minute.

You can print this list and insert it in your planner, I hope it will help you regain some energy and find new ways to take care of yourself, especially if you are a mom. Moms should always take into account some of these things because remember, if we are happy moms we can raise happy children a lot easier.

Let me know what you think of the list. I believe these things should be easy to do but if you have suggestions, please send them my way. Note that the list is available for you to download as a PDF that you can then shrink to add it to your planner.

Happy April and happy planning for this month!

Em J

To do in April – Renew yourself: A list for self care for all planner ladies and gents out there, including moms!



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