Five reasons to use grid paper in your Filofax

Happy Sunday beautiful people! As you all know I am in love with this personal size Filofax original in navy. I just think it’s one of the most beautiful planners out there, also, as you all know I use this planner in addition to a few others. Each one has a different purpose and contain different information. This particular one houses all my blog related things, I run two blogs so I need tons of paper to organize this information, ideas, thoughts and editorial calendars.

For me, just as it happens to many stationery enthusiasts out there, the quality and feel of the paper I use in my planners DOES matter. I am not the biggest fan of the Filofax inserts that come with the binders when you buy them but I do love many other of their inserts. I don’t own a printer so I can’t always print my own calendars and when I do buy inserts I usually buy them on sale. Last year, I actually bought a packet of their notes papers from my local stationery shop in Boston. This packet contained different colors of paper and also different types, some of the pages were lined, some other ones blank and some others were grid.

Now, let me tell you how much I love having grid pages in my binder and the reasons why I think they are useful are mostly grouped in these five categories:

  1. Grid paper makes it easier to create tracking charts that can help you keep track of habits and will definitely help you change your lifestyle to that one you desire to have.
  2. It is super easy to write own, unless you have gigantic handwriting, grid paper will definitely help you to write easier because of the lines. The lines are the secret to having a better perspective of the space you need to create your weekly layout, tracking charts is simply jot down your notes and ideas.
  3. Grid paper is helpful when you are creating your own layouts. If you are like me and don’t want to keep buying inserts every time, you can create your own. Grid paper is a great alternative to make this happen and make it easier.
  4. It is great for art projects or creating blue prints, if you are someone who enjoys re-creating your physical space so that you can organize it better or improve your house, grid or graph paper will be great for you. You can have a more clear and better guides to help you determine proportions, measurements and simply, have a more clear understanding of your page.
  5. It is great for financial planning: If you are like many of the planner people out there, you also use your planner for organizing your bills, tracking your finances and writing down your expenses. Grid paper is great for this because by the nature of it, you can do an easier allocation of expenses, lists, tracking your numbers and creating different columns, rows and areas on your page where you can write down different concepts, numbers and check numbers. If anything I do think that grid is great for numbers and bills!

So go get yourself a regular notebook from staples or your local office store, cut it down to size and make yourself some inserts for your planner. You will be amazing of how much actually the kind of paper you use will help you make your planning easier or harder and how much grid paper will help you for different purposes, even if all you do is write down notes, just like I do.

Do let me know what you use grid paper for and if you find it useful. Thank you so much for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you like the content.

See you next time!



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