Day planner Filofax review

Last year I bought the day planner Filofax inserts and I have not used them until now. These inserts are ideal for someone who is on the go often and who wants to have a clear layout of their day. The inserts are undated which is great because you can use them any time any year and month. It is divided into a section where you can add the times for your appointments, to dos organized by priority and reminders.

On the back of the day view you have a one page section for notes which is find very useful because for me, usually it is hard to write everything I have to do on small sections that come in the week on two pages for example. These inserts are ideal to be used for one day use or you can simply start using it on a particular day and continue using them on several days or use one page for a whole week if needed and if you have enough space.

Here is a picture of how these look like, I decided to share with you an example of how I use it for some writings that I am doing. These are by Filofax by I know that other bloggers also have their own versions of these or something similar. I bought these because I am too lazy to print my own but there are plenty of examples like these on pinterest for example.

They are great and very useful when you want to have your tasks, appointments and reminders organizer on one single page together with notes and priorities.

Have you use these inserts before and what do you think about them?




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