Blitsy store, a dream for crafty people

I just discovered the Blitsy store because I was looking for a decently priced midori planner. I found out that Websters’ pages actually sell now a traveler’s notebook and I have wanted one for the longest time.

This year I have been super good at not buying planners but I can’t resist buying a fauxdori, I am not sure if I will like the standard size midori traveler’s notebooks, so far I have only used the field notes size, and I love it! I have been looking for a midori traveler’s notebook that will be at a good price. I tried also the fauxdoris made by local crafters but they are a little too expensive for me right now, and I am not even sure if I will like it.

One of the reasons why I love using my traveler’s notebook in field notes size is because it just feels like I can do whatever I want with it, I can set up my own system and change the notebooks to my liking as life changes or my needs change. I have had this Fauxdori for about a year and a half now I think, but it is starting to become too small so I decided that maybe, it is a good time now to try the Webster’s pages travelers’ notebooks. The reason why I am inclined to try this brand is because they are reasonably priced.

This is how I found Blitsy, a dream for all crafter people! This is an online store where you can buy stamps, stickers, planners, watercolor sets, brushes, pens, paper sets and so on. I spent hours looking at it! – I know! It turns out that when you open a new account with them you will get a $10 discount when you spend $40. I thought at first that I didn’t need to spend $40 and that I only wanted the traveler’s notebooks which cost $28 usd, but then with the shipping costs it comes down to around $40+ and I would only be getting the planner, so I decided to break my promise of no spend on planner things and but a few other things.

In total, I spent $42, including shipping and I got a few other things that I had been looking for at my local store, but never found them (luckily because that allowed me to stick to my no spend plan). They sell them at Blitsy so I thought, why not?!.

This store sells most of their merch with a discount, and right now they have some major discounts as well. Some things are a good bargain and others are almost just as expensive as on amazon or the local Michael’s, especially when Michael’s has coupons all the time. None the less, It is still a great place to buy some ring planners,  happy planners, and now Webster’s pages.

If you are like me, who has been waiting to try the new Webster’s Pages traveler’s notebook, have a look at the shop.

I have a referral link for you where you can get $10 discount if you open an account, so feel free to use it:

If you are curious, here’s the travelers’ notebook that I bought, it is very cutesy-cutesy but I REALLY wanted one and I thought this was the best bargain. I will let you know how it is using it and what kind of inserts fit in there.


Thank you for reading. Happy reflecting on your planning!

Em Jorden


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