Planner adventures: My new traveler’s notebook

For the longest time, I have thought of buying a traveler’s notebook regular size, also known by the original traveler’s notebooks created by Midori. But because this year I made the promise to myself that I would not buy planners this year I simply wrote this wish on my list of “planners to dream of” LOL.

This year, I think around February, I learned about the fact that Webster’s Pages will be selling traveler’s notebooks as well as their ring bound planners. I have bought planners from Webster’s pages and I wasn’t impressed by the quality, especially because my planner came with uneven rings. When I saw that they were going to make traveler’s notebooks, I was excited because these were great options for those of us who didn’t want to invest in buying a new Midori or Fauxdori buts till wanted to try these planners.

These new traveler’s notebooks range between $30 and $24 depending on where you buy it and depending if they are on sale. I bought mine through which is a craft store that sells planners and other craft materials usually at lower prices. I am very excited with this new traveler’s notebook and I can’t wait to set it up! The cover itself looks great, it does have a small stain of what seems to be glue but I can live with that, for the price I think it’s fine. The cover has pockets which are something I love and it also comes a little wider than the regular Midori.

I am planning on either buying some inserts from the Midori brand or buying some of the Moleskine inserts and cutting them down to size. I am not sure how much bigger or wider they are but I have read reviews from other planner women who have said that they fit.

I will keep you posted on how this cover turns out to be! For now, I am very excited that I can experience the “magic” of the traveler’s notebooks and start setting mine up to be used as a planner, journal, and personal assistant or what not.

This is my traveler’s notebook.

Thank you for reading and if you use these covers, do let me know how you like them!

Em J


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