Not a great pair: Moleskine inserts and traveler’s notebooks

As you know, I bought my traveler’s notebook cover from Webster’s Pages about a week ago. There is a blog post here where I talk to you about my new addition. I love the cover, it is everything that I was expecting! I love the pockets, I love the size (wider and taller than the traditional size of the original midori), the colors and also the quality, they are great!

One of the reasons why I stopped myself from buying a regular size traveler’s notebook is because I knew it would be hard to find inserts. I don’t like ordering inserts from online shops every time I need one and I didn’t want to have to depend on the internet to buy them since most of the local stationery shops I have around don’t sell midori inserts. I knew it’d be hard but I decided to go for it anyway. Contrary to the field note size, which you find at local office stores like staples and office depot, the standard size can’t be found easily but online.

I haven’t bought any inserts yet but I still wanted to buy the moleskine notebook and see if they would fit in my cover. Well… after watching a few videos and seeing that the moleskine notebooks are a little wider than the covers, I still went ahead and bought them. Ah! guess what? They don’t fit. The moleskine cahier notebooks are a tad wider, and even though the cover is wider, the notebooks won’t fit if you add more than three!

I love my covers and planners chunky so I knew it wouldn’t work. I realized that I have to listen to the planner ladies out there who already went through this and I knew I had to cut to size my notebooks. I haven’t done it yet because the only exacto knife that I have is at husband’s painting studio. That place is cold! so I haven’t done anything about my inserts.

Here’s the bottom line, moleskine cahier notebooks won’t fit in a midori because they are wider, and they won’t fit in a Webster’s pages cover either because… they are wider! You need to cut them to size. Which is okay but it is one of those things that I didn’t want to have to do, not this time at least.

This is how the inserts look like, the notebook at the bottom is the moleskine cahier and the one on top is the insert that came with the cover, it is the regular standard size.

I am afraid that those of us with regular size fauxdoris only have a few options: Make your own inserts, order them online or cut the moleskine notebooks to size. Where do you buy your regular size inserts and would you recommend a specific shop?

Thank you for reading, next time I hope I will share with you my fauxdori set up!

Em Jorden




5 thoughts on “Not a great pair: Moleskine inserts and traveler’s notebooks”

  1. I sorry you had to find this out for yourself. I too love the standard/narrow size, but the lack of readily available inserts is annoying. I ended up making a TN over the weekend, B6 size equivalent, because I can easily and cheaply find 5″x7″ notebooks in my local stores.


    1. I know, right? I might stick to just field notes sizes or end up cutting my own notebooks in batches. I am not sure. Your idea is great though, thank you. I will try it out. Thank you for hour comment. ☺


  2. I buy my inserts from Midori/TN as I’m really not much of a DIY person when it comes to notebook making. I consider myself lucky to have a friend living in Japan and she forwards me my shopping from there, so that’s where I get my stash of inserts. If I do need to buy from an online shop though, I would go to Stickerrific which is based in Malaysia. If you want to shop stateside, Baum-Kuchen and Goulet Pens have inserts available as well as Jetpens. I know it’s not really the best choice but Boston doesn’t seem to be a city that’s big on stationery. Not to mention, if there is stationery from Japan, it’s usually the cute characters and nothing like Hobonichi and TN.

    Rant aside, also keep an eye out for a Taiwanese brand called Keep A Notebook. The creator has made specific TN inserts that are supposedly cheaper in price but takes fountain pens better than the original brand. I haven’t tried it myself but I did ask a friend to bring me back one insert to try when she returns from her motherland.


    1. Hi Tammy. Thanks so much for your comment. Actually Boston has some great stationery shops and I actually wrote a post about that in here. Feel free to have a look, I can’t look for the link right now but I will when I have a chance. Anyway, yes, I did hear about baum kuchen, as well as goulet pens and jet pens but I am just a but reluctant to keep ordering my notebooks online. I might order a bunch of them from jet pens at once and then wait some time until those are used. For now I did create my own notebooks by cutting down the moleskine books. They don’t look perfect thoug. Anyway, ahhh I will keep exploring options . I also want to look into etsy. How lucky are you to have a friend in Japan! That’s neat! Anyway thanks Tammy , I will continue the search! 😊☕🌷


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