5 simple steps to help you get on track: Use your planner!

For the past weeks, I have not been adding content to my blog mostly because I have been too busy. Usually, I am busy — normal busy — but these past days life has almost been out of control. First, I had to travel to Chicago for work, came back exhausted and had mom over visiting. Then she left and I found myself unable to go back to my routine. Then I took some days off but that didn’t do the trick. Once I was back to the office I had to stay at the office longer hours because of some yearly activities that we have, when the weekend came I was done and didn’t feel like sitting in front of the computer.

Now, slowly I am going back to getting back on track with this blog. This said while I was absent from my blog a few things happened:

  1. I realized I just don’t feel like using some of the planners anymore
  2. I also realized that I am not sure I want to continue using my hobonichi planner as my work planner
  3. I bought two more planners! (Both are from Day Designer and Blue Sky)
  4. I lost motivation and inspiration to go back to my yearly goals
  5. I just don’t feel like sitting at my desk and plan

Because all of this happened I also realized one thing: In moments of crisis, it is time to sit down, reflect and reassess your plans, your methods, your goals and your habits. I realized that in moments where your mind starts to wander and you have gotten off track, the best way to re-focus is by following a few simple steps:

  1. Revisit your initial goals, go back a few months and read how your weeks and your days looked like. This will help you find focus or change the few things that need to be changed before you can go on.
  2. Find some inspiration in your past entries: Usually you will find key information in things you wrote previously. At least when I go back to other months, I remember why I started something and what drove me to do it in the first place.
  3. Find information that appears constantly, circle it and reflect on it. You will start remembering why you decided to set that goal and it will help you focus again
  4. Reflect on what your goals were in January. When we begin a new year we tend to do feel hopeful and set up goals that are not always very achievable right away. Then as the year goes by we start losing track because we didn’t change things from scratch.
  5. Assess your current habits and why you have fallen into your current routine. You will find many answers when you simply reflect on this.

What happens next? You will realize that there are things that you can change and habits you can adjust if you only try a little harder.

After doing some of these things you will realize that you no longer feel you want to do something or you don’t find a strong reason to continue working on a project. This would be a great time to sit down and think of how you can change those projects or goals and reinvent them before you go completely off track and lose your motivation altogether.

I will be using my new day designer planner and my traveler’s notebook, to work on this and I will also start thinking about how I can change things so that I keep going. It’s half the year and usually one tends to start thinking “Why did I think I could do this?” You will find a good reason and you will adjust your life right now, set new goals and go on!

I will use my day designer because of the layout and I think I will retire my Hobonichi to be used as a journal but I am not 100% yet.

Let me know if you have felt this way and what your plans are to end the year feeling like you actually reached your goals!

Thank you for reading!

Em J




6 thoughts on “5 simple steps to help you get on track: Use your planner!”

  1. I just wrote a post on this recently! It’s important to figure out why we got into planning and go from there. I was caught up on the decorating so much that I didn’t care to actually plan! Now that I’ve sat down, re-prioritiezed, and figured out the reason I got into planning it became fun again 😊


    1. Agreed. I do decorate some but my work planner is never decorated as so is the planner where I write down important things. I like the decorating part just for fun on things that I don’t necessarily need to keep focused on. Thanks for your comment Kristen.


  2. It sounds like you’ve really got a plan to get back on track. It’s very easy to fall by the wayside. Great post and great inspiration to us all to reflect and move forward.
    Happy Planning.
    My Filofax Blog


  3. Hiya first time leaving a comment on your blog. New reader. Found your blog when I tried to put the keywords “franklin covey to Hobonichi”
    I’m a FC user, and it works for me for the last 18 months, and I’m desperate to try to use Hobonichi to work. It is cute and also, it is easier to carry, even I put FC into a Kikki K Planner. However I seems to have the problem like you, is difficult to make it work for a working lady! I own 2 businesses and keeping track and dotting notes is so important and trying to track back as well. The thought of carrying a notebook for a whole year is great, but planning wise it doesn’t work. Argh. The schedule, the tasks, the trackings and the notes just don’t fit nicely. Perhaps no hobonichi for FC users then?


    1. Hi Kanon,
      Sorry for my delayed response I missed your comment. Welcome to my blog and thank you for reading it!
      Well, I will be writing a new post where I talk about my journey with the HObonichi. After much meditating and reflecting about whether going back to Franklin Covey or stay in the HObonichi I decided that I will get another Hobonichi for 2017 but I Will get the Hobonichi in A5 instead of the A6 which is the one I have now. I almost bought new inserts for my Franklin Covey but I decided that ring planners might really not be for me. I love the simplicity of the Hobonichi and actually I use it every day! So a few days ago I placed an order for my 2017 Hobonichi in A5 together with the A6 that I will use only as a journal. What did you decide for 2017? Will you stay in your FC or will you get a Hobonichi? I have to say Hobonichis are so fun and the paper is amazing. I just love them! 🙂 Let me know what you decide to buy. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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