Having multiple planners – Effective or confusing?

If you read my blog – thanks so much if you do – you will notice that I haven’t posted much lately, and the reason is simple. I am reaching the point where I am reassessing my planning system and how I want to go forward from here on.

I use multiple planners like many of you, for so long I thought that this system was working for me, using a planner for my home management, another for work, another for journaling and also another planner for my personal stuff. It did work, for many months it worked. Now, half way through 2016 I am finding myself feeling overwhelmed with so many planners and I am starting to question whether having just one or two planners should actually be enough.

If I had to choose only a planner or two I think I would use my hobonichi, and my A5 Filofax ring planner, or maybe my day designer. fI do see no that having multiple planners can be ineffective because I forget things or I can’t remember in which planner I wrote them down! That defeats the purpose of having a planner.

For now, I am still pondering my options and what is it that I will be doing, but for now I am leaning towards considering having a planner or two. Anyway, stay tuned fore more news on how the second half of the year goes by with the dilemmas of planner systems.

How’s your half of the year going so far and how’s your planning system working for you?

Do let me know, I’d love to know!

Thank you for reading!

Em J



4 thoughts on “Having multiple planners – Effective or confusing?”

  1. I too have downsized. I was using a FC Classic (work) and DT Portable (for my everyday life.) Now that I work from home, and I am the only person using the planner, everything goes into the DT or FF or FC Compact. Because the paper size does not change, I get to switch out binders whenever the mood strikes. Yay! No more sync-ing.
    Good luck with your efforts.


  2. I’m also reevaluating my system, taking advantage that I’m on vacation. I bought a Kikki-k because of the larger rings, and I will focus all you should stay at home in it. For day to day, I am using my pocket. I think with this system can reach the planner peace.


  3. I find using one planner for work and personal information works better for me than having separate planners. I used to have one just for work, but so much personal stuff started creeping in – days off for special occasions, dental appointments, etc, – that I found it difficult to totally separate my work and personal lives. The downside is that it is an A5 Filofax because I need the space to write everything down, so not very portable, but it works.


    1. Hi Organised Chaos!
      Well, I have to say that I agree with your comment. After much thinking and thinking I decided to carry only one planner for 2017, I will be using my Hobonichi in A5. Having too many planners just added more confusion to my life since I have different roles and too little time so for next year, I will stay in one Hobonichi! I Am excited and I have no idea how it will go but I really want to try. Have you decided what planner you will use for next year? Thanks for your comment! HAppy week.


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