2016 planner reflections

It’s almost October, and for all planner people out there, this is about the time you start thinking about what planner you will be getting for next year. For me, this has been a year where I found myself spending very little money on planner goods – I had to, or I’d be broke!.

I didn’t buy any ring planners at all this year because I found myself using them very little. I did try out the new covers for traveler’s notebooks that Webster’s pages launched this year, I bought one of the covers and I have written about it here on my blog. I also bought the Passion Planner because I wanted to try it out. I used it weekly until I found myself writing the same thing over and over because mostly my schedule looks the same week by week. This planner is nice but not for me.

This year was the first year I also started using my Hobonichi in A6. I used it as a work planner and I loved it until I decided that, maybe, I should try something else, I used it every day and it was working fine. The problem was that the A6 Hobonichi doesn’t have a weekly layout, and I realized that I was forgetting things.  I needed to have that weekly view of my time. I stopped using it in July and changed it for a Day Designer planner that I bought at Target for $12. The Day Designer has a day on one page but I ran into the same problem, the lack of a weekly view doesn’t work for me. Especially for work!

I absolutely love the Hobonichi techo  planner! Towards the end of last month, I started using my hobonichi more consistently again. After all, it always worked for me as a planner, except not for work. I continued using it as a diary or journal, to keep track of things and to note down reminders or things that I didn’t want to forget. It kind of became my on the go planner/notebook/journal. I carry it back and forth between work and home.

With the new year coming and the fact that Hobonichis are yearly planners I started thinking about what planner(s) I will be using next year. One thing I know is that I don’t want to use multiple planners because I find myself losing information or not remembering where I wrote certain things down. Right now, I have too many things to remember and my mind has no more storage space, so I decided that I need only ONE PLANNER.

After much thinking and even considering buying a set of DIYFish inserts, I also thought of buying a set of Franklin Covey inserts for my Franklin Covey planner which has huge rings. I want to have a planner that has enough space to have a weekly, monthly and daily overview, and I thought that the Franklin Covey planners could be a great option. After looking into which one to buy I couldn’t decide. Mostly, I think I am tired of using ring planners. It is not working for me because I don’t have time to be setting it up, changing the pages, perforating inserts and so on. Even if I buy pre-made inserts I still don’t see myself feeling as productive as I do with a bound planner.

This said, this year I went ahead and bought ALL THREE sizes of the Hobonichi techo 2017! Yes, all three sizes! I will be downsizing this coming year and I don’t want to keep jumping from notebook to notebook or planner to planner, I find myself losing things and also losing inspiration to continue using either my journals or notebooks. The hobonichi planner is the one book that I actually use every day because I love everything about it. The paper is fantastic, the layout, the flexibility and how quirky it is.

In conclusion, after using probably most planners out there in the market, after using ring planners for many many years and especially, using a hobonichi book for one year, I have realized that I am a hobonichi person! Just because right now, this planner seems to be the one I am most excited about using, even after suspending its use for work for a month or two I still went back and continued using it for different things. I couldn’t give it up.

So for for now, I have sold many of the planners that I had and kept my most loved binders, the ones I continue using for different purposes. I won’t be buying new ring bound planners, just because even this week I realized how little I use the day designer and how little I like it. I have kept three Filofax binders, the ones I absolutely love and use for other things, I have two Franklin Covey planners that I want to have because of the size of the rings, I have two traveler’s notebooks – one large and one field notes size – and my hobonichis. I use the Martha Stewart notebooks for various uses for work.

2017 will be a one planner for all year, I have no idea how it will go but I am willing to try, in fact, I can’t wait to try. My hope is that one book will house my different lists, tasks and notes and that I will stop losing notes just because I can’t remember where I wrote them down!

What are your planner plans for 2017? Have you bought your 2017 planner or have you decided which one you will be using?

I’d love to hear so please leave me a comment with your thoughts!

Happy plans!

Em Jorden


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12 thoughts on “2016 planner reflections”

    1. I bought all three but not all will be planners. The weeks hobonichi will only be used to track my son’s growth, sick days and what not. I need to have that on a separate place for easy access and so I know where it is and take it with me to the doctor if needed. The Hobonichi cousin will be my only book used for planning everything. The A6 will just be a book to practice lettering, journaling and drawing. I love the hobonichi books and they are great quality books so these will be the only ones I have. I am not using any other planner right now or notebook.


      1. Makes sense! I love learning how others utilize multiple planners. I too am trying limit the number of planners I buy and was curious to learn if you kept your journal and planning separate – which sounds like you do. I currently use an A5 Hobonichi to combine journal and planning, but am leaning toward getting the weeks for planning, then something separate for journaling. Because journaling is a new habit I am trying to form, I need the daily pages mapped out like in the Hobonichi in order to make myself journal, otherwise I end up skipping weeks at a time. Loved your latest post on temporary planning collections btw! 🙂


      2. Hi! Thank you for commenting. Yes, I do keep my planning separate from my journaling it is better for me because I tend to carry my planners with me sometimes and I don’t like the idea of people reading personal thoughts or seeing my doodles when I journal. This is also why I bought the Hobonichi A6 which I plan to use exclusively as a journal. 🙂
        I got the weeks as well, this will be my first year using it and I don’t have a clear idea of how to use it but I think I will figure it out hehe. How do you plan on using the weeks? I hear you, I use my hobonichi every day, right now I only have the A6 that i got as a work planner for 2016 but I love it so much that I decided to also use an A6 for 2017 as a journal. I really enjoy the hobonichi books. Let me know how you use them and if you like them.
        Thank you for reading my latest post too. I just posted one on hobonichis 🙂
        Have a great rest of your week!


  1. I’m wanting to get a hobonichi for next year, in the A6 size. But I’m not a one planner girl – I think I’ll have all the planners I’ll need for 2017, once I get my hands on a hobo. ❤


    1. I ended up buying all three sizes of the Hobonichi, and a moleskine pocket. I also saw Kikki.k released their new cute collection and I couldn’t resist so I bought the diary and the planner. To justify my impulse I have to say that I sold two planners that I had so I could justify buying two more. I don’t want to accumulate planners. I will be using them for different purposes but my main planner and both personal and work and everything else will be my Hobonichi in A5. Let me know if you like the Hobonichi when you get it 🙂
      Thank you for your comment, Vela.


      1. I’m in debate again with if I’ll get the hobo or not. I swear it takes a decade for me to make up my mind about anything! Lol. I’m glad you were able to find a way to justify your purchases! I don’t feel too bad about accumulating binders, since they can always be reused later, but definitely have some guilt over dated books. I have to think carefully on those types of purchases. Kikki K’s cute line is to die for! And you’re welcome 🙂


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