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3 thoughts on “Claiming my bloglovin domain”

  1. What timing! I love my Franklin Covey Classic size binders. I love my Filofax A5 Original and Personals. However keeping track of where, and in what size things are stored has become a chore. So this year, I’ve decided to store all notes in a 3-ring Half/Mini binder. I’ll do the re-punching. Yes, my pages will look like a golf shoe clad Kokopeli danced on them, but all notes will be in one binder. Ordinarily this would drive me nuts, but finally knowing where my note is… well I’m looking forward to this.
    Good luck with your plans.


    1. Hi Carla,
      I hear you! That is exactly what happened to me and with too many things to juggle on a daily basis I decided that “my planning system” was becoming work in itself and was preventing me from focusing on the important. That is why I decided to super simplify it and keep only my hobonichi cousin. I have no idea if it will work but I will try. I am excited to use the hobonichi book this year, it’d be the first time and with the different layouts I am hoping it will work. Keep me posted on your system and how it works for this coming year. 🙂
      Thanks much for your comments.


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