Jetpens online shop – review




When I ordered my Hobonichi cousin from the Hobonichi store in Japan, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to also order the hobonichi techo in A6. Once I placed my order for the A5 I realized that I did want to have the smaller Hobonichi but it was too late because my order had already been shipped. I didn’t want to pay $24 shipping costs again so I went ahead and looked into other online stores where I knew I could find the hobonichi techo.

I know that sells the Hobonichi planners but I wasn’t sure if I was going to find the 2017 planners already. I logged in and voilá, they had them! I then ordered because also, it was free shipping! I ended up also buying a Pentel Tradio Stylo pen which I am new to, a pencil board and the Hobonichi techo (no cover).



I have to say that everything worked out! From having experienced other stationery online shops, I was impressed by how quick, easy and effective jetpens was. My order was placed without fuss, and it was shipped quickly, it was free shipping with the cost of the planner and I got it in about a week time.

Jetpens has my admiration for the great service, great selection of pens and other stationery items, especially because they are one of the few online shops in the US that carry such wide variety of Japanese stationery items, including my beloved Hobonichi techo.

Great work to jetpens! and to all my readers, I highly recommend this online stationery shop for your writing instruments and planner goodies.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

Em Jorden


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