Are temporary planner collections worth it?

For 2017 I vowed to have only one planner where I can schedule present and future tasks, events and actionable steps, my planner for 2017 will be my Hobobinich in A5. Now, someone posted a comment on my previous post asking why I had bought all sizes of the Hobonichi, and the answer is because these books bring me joy, I use them all the time and these are the few books that I use no matter what’s happening in my life. I use them.

The point of having a planner is to help you organize the different aspects, roles, and areas of your life, and because life changes your system sometimes needs to change as well. For me, having a Hobonichi planner has been the only “permanent” factor that didn’t change this year. Hence, I concluded that since I actually ditched all the planners I was using and/or ended up giving them up half way through the year, except for my Hobonichi, maybe this is the planner that calls on me. So I decided to order all three of them for 2017 but only one of them will be my actual planner, the weeks, and the A6 will be used for tracking my son’s growth and visits to the doctor and as a journal respectively.

Then, early this month – or maybe even last month – the Swedish company Kikki.K released a new planner collection to celebrate their 10th anniversary in stock. This is the “Cute collection“. When I saw this collection  I didn’t think much of it, until I saw a video on youtube where she showed the beauty of both the binder and the diary. I did buy one of the small cute diaries last year, which I used for journaling my son’s life and I loved it! I wrote on it almost every day. These are very cute planners indeed!

I haven’t bought any ring binders for a whole year – yay! – but after seeing the “cute” binder I kept thinking that I wanted it. Eventually, I decided to sell two of my planners and bought both, the rings binder and the daily cute diary. When I received them I realized how cute they really are, but I also kept thinking “is it worth it?”. I actually sold one of my leather planners and ended up buying the “cute collection” binder which is made out of canvas.

With the different seasons, different companies release new binders, especially ring binders. Every day I see on different social media channels numerous posts about new releases with people commenting things such as “Oh my god, I want this one!” or “Or my god, that’s my unicorn planner!”. Are we getting distracted by trying to catch up with the marketing of planner companies that we forgot about staying truth to what works for us? I wished more and more companies released new planning tools, or inserts to improve planning systems rather than binders or books to make us feel inadequate.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I myself have been the one feeling like I must have that one planner that was released yesterday, but also, I end up thinking “You need THAT just like you needed that other one?”.

I want to encourage us all to go back to basics and think again “What do I really need to become more productive and enhance my life, rather than distract me from it?” I am the first one to recognize that there are a million beautiful planners out there, but also, I would love to encourage everyone to think about what we really need to make our lives more joyful? Is it a temporary want, or really something that will help me be happier in the long run?

This new cute binder and diary are beautiful, they make me happy when I see them and I am already using the binder, but I also feel like if this is not adding value to my life it really isn’t something that will help me, unless I use it and transform it into a tool to keep my mind focused.

So, all this rambling is to go back to my initial question, are these temporary planner collections worth it? The answer is, sometimes yes, they are. Depending on the quality of the binder but also, most important, the value that it adds to your life. Does it bring joy? Does it make you use it every day? Do you feel happy to use it and when you use it? Does the planner overall help you stay focused and organized?

Sometimes these temporary collections are classic and are here to stay, but also, often, these collections will just come and go. So today what I want to leave you with is, do what makes you happy, but do it being aware of the reasons why you want to purchase a specific planner or binder, even if you know that this is just a temporary collection and that trends do come and go over time.

Trends do come and go, and if you want to sells your planners in the future, think of the qualities that a particular planner would have in case you want to sell it in the future. Think of the materials, the inserts, the time when it was released. Sometimes the value of planners will be higher or lower in the future depending on so many different factors. Now, if you just want to collect them that is fine but let’s be more self-aware of our choices. I think the beauty of life is, often, living a life that is as simple as possible and where we are as little attached to stuff as possible.

This is a bit of an unusual post but I wanted to put it out there. I do hope that whatever your choices are in a planner, they will bring joy to your life and more focus on your mind.

Thank you for reading!

Em Jorden



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