Hobinichi fever!

Hi my wonderful readers!

So, now that you know about my Hobonich journey and my planner journey and how I have struggled this year to stay on top of things because I was using multiple planners. Now you can read the next chapter of my Hobonichi fever.

This post will be about my order to the Hobonich store, jet pens and my plans for 2017. It is that time of the year when we all start thinking about what planner to use for the coming year. For me, I have decided that the planner that makes me happy and the one that has helped me keep my head and life straight is the Hobonichi Techo planner.

Hobonichi launched its new covers and planners for 2017 on September 1st I believe. When this happened I wasn’t event planning on getting a Hobonichi for 2017. As I started receiving all kinds of planner catalogs I began to question whether going back to a ring binder would the best idea for me. Then I came across the Rainbowholic blog and I realized how much I actually enjoy using my Hobonichi Techo. You can visit Kaila’s blog and You Tube channel by clicking on the rainbow below.

She’s an amazing Kawaii blogger that journals on her hobonichi every day. I was super inspired when I saw her doing this, not because I am a hardcore journaler but because I love everything about the very basic concept of using a single book to have an overview of the different aspects of my life. What do you think about that?

So, there I went, without thinking twice, I placed my 2017 order on the Hobonichi website and I ordered all sizes of the book. Well, it didn’t go as straight forward because I was still not sure which book I’d want and I ended up ordering the techo A6 from jet pens. Either way, I have the cousin which is equivalent to an A5 planner, the smaller techo which is in A6 and the weeks planner which is a bit like a traveler’s notebook in regular size. I also ordered other goodies because since the order is coming all the way from Japan I thought I should make the money worth it anyway.

So, my order includes:

  • A Hobonichi cousin (In A5)
  • A stencil
  • A weeks planner with the cute bakery cover
  • A set of transparent page flags with the cute dogs on it
  • The black and pistachio cover
  • A set of transparent dot stickers

From jet pens I ordered

  • The hobonichi techo in A6
  • An A5 pencil board
  • A tradio black pen – one of the best pens, ever!

Then I regretted not having ordered a cover for my A6 techo so I went ahead again and I order AGAIN from the hobonichi store, which by now has made poor and I can’t believe I spent this much money on a planner, but on I went…

  • I ordered a polar bear cover
  • the clock stamps
  • another hobonichi stencil
  • a set of lace washi tape

There you go, my expenditure on planner goods for this year is way over budget and done! I will be using my A5 planner for work, personal life, husband projects, house projects and everything where I need to take decisions or remember things, my weeks to keep track of all things related to my son’s health, school, appointments, milestones and so on, my techo A6 will be for me to journal and improve my lettering.

I didn’t think I would end up spending all this money on Hobonichi things but then again, I won’t be spending more money on another planner so I guess this is fine. (Or at least I hope so).

Have you planner on what to get for 2017 and have you ever spent more money on planner goods than what you were hoping? What do you think you will need for this coming year, one book for everything or different planners for different things?

Do let me know what your thoughts are, I’d love to hear what other fellow planner-holics are planning on getting this year.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check out Kaila’s blog and channel.

Em Jorden


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