The personal size planner with 1″ rings

One reason why I stopped using ring binders lately is because I found that most planners can’t be stuffed too much. However, I did find a few options for binders with rings that are big enough to fit everything I want. Especially, all the inserts I want to be using such as a monthly, weekly and daily view.

I found that the Kikki.k planners, some of them at least, now come with 1″ rings! I love this feature and only because of this I actually bought one of their new planners from the “Cute” line. The planner does live up to its name, it is very very cute. Not only is the cover cute, with all the colorful polka dots but so are the dividers. The inserts are un-dated and just general quality, but the dividers are to die for!

It looks like this:


It also looks like this

Before buying this planner I didn’t know what to expect. It has been a long time since the last time I bought a Kikki.K planner but I like it a lot. The big rings help the planner to be more functional, just because I tend to stuff my binders a lot. I also love the “cute” aspect of it and how fun it is, even if I am an adult!

When I was deciding whether to buy it or not, I couldn’t find many reviews about this planner so I decided to write about it.

This review is short and here a few highlights that make this planner special:

  • The outside cover, the binder itself, is made out of canvas. The color leans to be more of a pale lilac with polka dots.
  • The inside is also made out of fabric, less resistant than the outside but fabric, it has pockets and the color is pink.
  • It comes with un-dates inserts and super cute dividers
  • It comes in a personal size (medium size for kikki.k) and A5 or large for Kikki.K standards
  • The rings are 1″ wide, which means, they fit a lot!

Again, this planner is super cute and I love it! It definitely is on the less durable side because it is not made out of leather, none the less, it will be useful and meet your needs to plan your life.

Let me know if you want to know more about this planner or if you have questions.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Em Jorden


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